WWF Wrestling Challenge – June 6th, 1993

June 6, 1993

From the Portland Exposition Building in Portland, ME

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan


King’s Court with guests Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji. We get a mild “USA” chant after a long introduction by Lawler. Fuji tells us about a contract never being signed at WrestleMania IX, meaning Yokozuna should still be the champion. Fuji then tells Hogan he will be smashed by Yokozuna and how the Japanese Emperor will declare a National holiday if Yokozuna wins. Lawler brings up how Hogan has been busy in Hollywood and jokes about that before saying Yokozuna will be victorious at King of the Ring while Fuji tells Hogan he better go to the gym because Yokozuna is going to squash him. The camera then zooms in on Yokozuna’s face to end the segment. Much like Hogan, Fuji’s promos on Yokozuna’s behalf have been terrible for this feud. The point they tried to get across here is that Hogan’s time away on production sets and not wrestling will put him at a tremendous disadvantage.


We get the opening montage, which is new and includes the Smoking Gunns and Adam Bomb.


Steiner Brothers vs. PJ Walker & Duane Gill

Gill ducks out to avoid Scott as Heenan talks about disliking the Steiners but loves how they manhandle their opponents. Scott tosses around Gill then shoves him towards his partner. Rick tags in and backs Walker into the corner but gets caught with a cheap shot. Rick comes back to catch Walker with a powerslam then whips him into the corner before tagging out. Scott hits Walker with the Steiner Screwdriver as Heenan calls it a “pileplex” and a “super driver” then Scott powerbombs Gill before using a Frankensteiner for the win (2:54).

Thoughts: Another showcase for The Steiners strength and agility as they continue to impress in the ring.


The announcers talk about Razor Ramon and The Kid, who the announcers are calling the “Comeback Kid.” Same as “Superstars” with Kid declining the $5,000 offer for a rematch. Heenan calls Kid a dummy for turning down the offer.


Chris Simpson vs. Adam Bomb w/ Johnny Polo

Bomb beats on Simpson in the corner as we hear from Polo & Bomb in an insert promo as Polo tells us about “total destruction” when Bomb explodes. Back to the match as Bomb hits a dropkick then soon after that uses a powerbomb for the win as Ross notes he calls it the “Atom Bomb” (1:38).

Thoughts: They keep trying to get over the “total destruction” phrase for Bomb but this pairing really does not seem to be clicking much if you ask me.


We are once again shown the “USA” video for Hacksaw Jim Duggan.


“The Rocket” Owen Hart vs. Ricky Rich

Ross notes Owen is back after a knee injury. Owen did lose clean to Mr. Hughes on last week’s episode of “Mania.” Both men trade arm wringers as the announcers hype the King of the Ring Hotline then talk about the PPV. Owen uses an arm drag then works the arm for a bit until Rich rakes the eyes. Rich charges but runs into a spinning heel kick then Owen uses a Northern lights suplex for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: Owen did not appear anywhere as agile as he did prior to his knee injury and now apparently has switched to the Northern lights suplex as a finisher.


We see the Smoking Gunns backstage playing the “Royal Rumble” game on Super Nintendo.


Shawn Michaels vs. Greg Johnson

Both men trade hip tosses as Heenan believes that Crush and Mr. Perfect are protecting Marty Jannetty in order to conspire against Shawn. Back to the match as Shawn hits a standing dropkick then a jumping back elbow smash as Heenan claims Shawn is being “jobbed” by the WWF. Johnson blocks a turnbuckle smash but runs into an elbow then Shawn hits a super kick then says we are going to see a Perfect Plex and uses the move for the win (2:29). Ross notes how Shawn will meet Crush next week at King of the Ring.

Thoughts: A showcase for Shawn to put him over for his match against Crush at the King of the Ring. Also liked how he mocked Perfect by stealing his finishing move.


King of the Ring Report with Gene Okerlund. Same as we saw on “Superstars.”


Mr. Perfect vs. Tommy Roy

Perfect grounds Roy as the announcers talk about his chances at the PPV. Perfect now chops Roy in the corner and after that hits his neck snap then goes to work on the leg. Heenan demands Ross pick a winner of the King of the Ring Tournament then puts over half of the field as Perfect uses a Perfect Plex for the win (2:28).

Thoughts: I liked how Ross avoided Heenan’s question by trying to push that the field is too stacked to determine a winner. Perfect gets a win here to put him over in his 1st round match against Mr. Hughes.


Doink the Clown vs. Louis Armstrong

Heenan says we are going to see Hogan wrestle for the last time as Ross seems to agree since Hogan has not defended his title due to charity appearances and roles in Hollywood. Doink attacks Armstrong then catches him with a slam. Doink stays in control as the announcers put over his wrestling ability before applying a STF then the Stump Puller for the win (2:36).

Thoughts: The announcers talking about Hogan here pretty sure said it all regarding his future as we will see in the near future. The announcers also put over Doink’s wrestling ability but did not mention his feud against Crush.


Next week in action are Mr. Hughes, Tatanka, Lex Luger, and in a non-title match we’ll see Money Inc. vs. Smoking Gunns.


Final Thoughts: The only real exclusive thing on this show was the King’s Court with Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji and it was terrible. And they actually did another King’s Court the following week on RAW with the same guests as the hype for this title match remains ice cold with just one more week of TV until the PPV.