NXT UK – March 6, 2019

Date: March 6, 2019
Location: Coventry Skydome Arena, Coventry, England
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

We’re back in England this week and with Wrestlemania weekend less than a month away, there’s a good chance that we’ll be hearing about a big match being set up for New York. Possibly even for the UK Title? With a certain Austrian challenging Pete Dunne? It’s kind of hard to imagine it being anything else so let’s get to it.

We open with a long and detailed recap of the issues between Jordan Devlin and Travis Banks, who meet in a falls count anywhere match tonight. They’ve got a nice midcard story going here.

Opening sequence.

Ligero vs. Joseph Conners

On the way to the ring, Conners says he lost last time because it was a bad day while Ligero doesn’t want to hear excuses. Ligero tries an early tornado DDT but gets shoved away, having to settle for a hurricanrana instead. Conners gets smart by tossing Ligero to the floor for a crash, followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam for two inside. A belly to back drop gets a few near falls and it’s a foot in the back for a double arm crank.

Ligero fights up and backflips over Conners for a leg lariat to the ribs. A springboard Stunner gets two and Conners’ slingshot DDT gets the same. Ligero is staggered and a belly to back suplex spun into a sitout faceplant gives Conners two more. Conners is getting frustrated so Ligero small packages him for two, followed by a bunch of spins into a crucifix for the pin at 9:40.

Rating: C-. Now can Conners go away for a long time please? He’s not interesting in the first place and this was another instance of Conners managing to lower his already worthless stock. Complaining about the new talent taking over doesn’t make sense when the show isn’t even six months old, but it’s not like Conners has anything else to talk about. Ligero continues to be fine and could be fed to a monster later.

Post match Ligero offers a handshake but Conners walks away.

Toni Storm wants to know what’s next. Jinny watches from behind.

Video on Wild Boar and Primate.

Gallus talks about how strong they are collectively. They want more respect from people like Walter and Pete Dunne because they command it. People like Walter have come into their house and taken food off their table. Those people aren’t on the table though, because they’re on the menu.

Walter has nothing to say.

Sam Stoker/Louis Howley vs. Fabian Aichner/Marcel Barthel

Stoker and Howley refer to themselves as Pretty Deadly. How Orndorff and Roma inspired. Aichner throws Stoker down to start so we need to stop for a hair check. Stoker can’t get out of an armbar and it’s a powerslam to plant him rather hard. Howley comes in as the announcers don’t seem to know which jobber is which. It’s off to Barthel, who gets caught in the wrong corner for some alternating right hands.

One heck of a headbutt takes Stoker down though and the butterfly suplex has him in even more trouble. Stoker’s comeback is cut off with a spinebuster and a kick to the chest, followed by a double sliding dropkick in the corner. Barthel throws Stoker to Aichner, who catches him in a suplex and walks around before powerslamming him down in an impressive power display. A powerbomb/middle rope European uppercut finishes Stoker at 3:56.

Rating: C. This is the match that Aichner and Barthel needed to have since their debut as they ran through the jobbers and hit some of their cool moves to make it look good. It was one sided and the beating was as decisive as you could get with Aichner getting to show off his power offense. That’s what they should have been doing from the beginning but for some reason we hadn’t seen it yet.

Video on Kay Lee Ray, who is here next week.

Charlie Morgan vs. Nina Samuels

They trade wristlocks to start with Samuels taking her down and driving a knee into the arm. The armbar goes on as Nina declares this the Nina Samuels Show. Morgan shoves her away and nails a kick to the head, followed by an enziguri to make it worse. Not that it matters as Nina is right back up with a fireman’s carry backbreaker for the pin at 3:20.

Rating: D. Morgan isn’t exactly thrilling and Samuels’ offense wasn’t the most impressive. I do like her obsession with the spotlight though and there’s something to her that makes me want to see more. The women’s division isn’t exactly deep at the moment so they would be smart to build some fresh names up like this.

Pete Dunne says the next time Gallus and Walter step in the ring with him, it will be the last time.

Next week: The Coffey Brothers vs. Pete Dunne/Walter.

Jeff Jarrett is here.

Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks

Falls count anywhere. The fight starts in the aisle with Banks suplexing him on the floor for an early one. They head into the crowd and up some steps with Banks knocking him off a balcony, with Devlin falling a full two feet to the ground as he was hanging on by his fingers. Devlin’s crossbody off said balcony looks a lot better and gets two and it’s time to go back to ringside. Devlin tries to bring in a chair but gets hit in the ribs instead as they head inside for the first time.

The ever greedy fans want tables but settle for a barrage of kicks to send Devlin outside again. Banks’ dive gets chaired out of the air on a dive attempt and it’s another chant that I can’t understand directed at Devlin. The fans switch to telling Devlin that his head is too big for him as Devlin gets two off a belly to back backbreaker. The release Rock Bottom into a standing moonsault gives Devlin two and he heads to the apron.

Banks is up this time though and shoves him down, sending Devlin knees first into the chair for a somewhat delayed two. The fans want and receive a table (maybe they’ll shut up now) but first, we have a ref bump. Banks’ Kiwi Crusher gets no count (well, one from the crowd) and Devlin gets back up for a headbutt. A very good looking top rope moonsault gets two and Devlin takes him up top for a superplex, which is rolled through into a Kiwi Crusher to give Banks two more.

They get up and slap it out in the middle of the ring until Banks goes with the Slice of Heaven, sending Devlin falling out to the floor. Devlin misses a charge into the steps and Banks stomps the leg into said steps. An ankle lock is broken up and they head to the apron with Devlin countering another Kiwi Crusher into a Spanish Fly through the table for the pin at 15:42.

Rating: B+. That was a heck of a fight with both guys beating the tar out of each other the whole time. They didn’t try to do anything too ridiculously over the top but the stuff they did looked good throughout and the match was exactly what it needed to be. Building up people like these two is going to get them somewhere, as whoever comes out of Wrestlemania weekend as champion is going to need a few challengers.

Overall Rating: B. Another rather good show here as things are starting to get consistently better around here. As is usually the case, it’s a positive sign that the shows without the top stars being featured are still working, as you can only go with Walter and British Strong Style so many times before the charm wears off. I had an easy time watching this and they’re figuring out how to make this work. The lack of a second hour is certainly a big part of the solution.


Ligero b. Joseph Conners – Crucifix

Fabian Aichner/Marcel Barthel b. Sam Stoker/Louis Howley – Powerbomb/middle rope European uppercut combination to Stoker

Nina Samuels b. Charlie Morgan – Fireman’s carry backbreaker

Jordan Devlin b. Travis Banks – Spanish Fly through a table

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