The Princess Rant for NXT September 23, 2015

The Princess Rant for WWE NXT September, 23, 2015

Taped at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida

Hosted by Rich Brennan, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton

I guess this WASN’T the last week of the Full Sail Tapings. I’ll assume they’ve got one more on this cycle before Takeover.

Carmella vs. Eva Marie

Oh joy. As Eva makes her entrance they look back at her match with Billie Kay when Kay got a near fall on a hanging suplex and it looks like the ref stopped the count before Eva raised a shoulder. Instead of this just being a forgotten timing botch (which it probably was), they turned it into a running gag that Eva was the chosen one and had the backing of the office, thus the refs on her side. Eva cuts a picture-in-picture promo and thanks the referee “for not caving into the peer pressure of the biased fan base and doing the right thing.” I love this. This basically taps into every sports fans belief that the “referees/officials are against [insert their team] because [insert opposing team] has [insert player and/or sports market] and [insert sports league] wants them to win because [insert subjective conspiracy reasoning].

Carmella starts out like a little bridge-and-tunnel house of fire and tosses Eva into the buckle and out to the floor! Eva back in and a roll up gets one but Eva back with a knee and a snap suplex for two. Eva sends Carmella in the buckle and then rams her head there three times. Running shoulder and a big boot from Eva gets two…she should have added the leg drop. Crowd is just ON Eva tonight. They are being mean as shit. Second snap suplex gets two as Eva lays in the badmouth on Carmella. Eva with a choke off the ropes but a suplex is countered into a small package for two. Kitchen sink knee from Eva puts her back in control and she goes for the stretch hold. Carmella battles back with an elbow and a frankenstieiner. Two Thesz presses and Carmella follows with the Staten Island shuffle shoulder that gets a near fall…and the ref stops the count. The foot was on the rope but the camera angle purposely didn’t show it. Awesome. On second view I could see the rope shaking, which is why the crowd didn’t react like they probably hoped but it worked for TV. Eva dumps Carmella to the floor and it looks like Carmella banged her head on the metal entrance and that’s enough for Eva to win by count out. **

— Nia Jax is on her way. I know you can’t wait!

— We take a look back and last week’s announcement for the Takeover: Respect main event, an Ironman match between Sasha Banks and Bayley. Nice video package with some previous footage and new promos intertwined.

Bull Dempsey vs. Tyler Breeze

Dempsey now has a Bull Fit boxing-style robe. Breeze with a headlock that Bull powers out of and drops Breeze with a shoulder as the commentators mock Bull Fit. Second lockup and Bull messes up Breeze’s hair. Oh no he didn’t. Breeze charges but Bull with an inverted atomic drop. Bull charges and Breeze ducks but Bull lands on the apron and goes for the punching combo. Breeze, however, shoves him off the apron to turn the tide. Breeze stomps away as we take a break.


And we’re back with Breeze digging in on a chinlock on Bull and then he goes to the eyes. Bull powers out but Breeze stays on him with elbow strikes that get two. Back to the chinlock Bull powers out with a back drop Breeze tries to stay on Bull but he’s hulking up and Bull rallies with jabs and body shots. He uses his gut as a weapon and hits an avalanche. Vader crusher and Bull goes the ropes but Breeze escapes to the apron. Bull hiptosses him back in and goes to the top again but Breeze slams him off and uses the ropes to get the pin. Great cheating. Bad match. Bull is atrocious. 1/2*

— ASUKA is next!

— Breaking Ground trailer. I liked Breaking Ground and I wish they would do another one.

— Review of NXT’s three-day Texas tour in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. They were all smaller venues and it looked pretty fun.

We’re back and William Regal is in the ring and ready to announce possibly the “greatest competitor to sign in NXT”…Now Regal announces her as Kana but she was Asuka in the lead-up promos. Her music is the same but doesn’t have words yet. It’s much better with words. Regal quickly mentions that she’s now known as Asuka. She cuts a pretty energetic face promo and says she wants to be the NXT Women’s Champion before signing the contract. Crowd is cheering her name and she’s having a lot of fun with them…then Dana Brooke and Emma come to the ring (Husband: God damn, Emma is smoking hot). Regal doesn’t appreciate the interruption but the Mean Girls make fun as Asuka’s broken English and tell her that if she wants to survive in NXT then understand that they are in charge. Dana claims they “ran” Charlotte and Becky Lynch out of NXT and tells her to get out of their ring. Asuka puts on an amazing sad face and steps through the ropes to leave despite the crowd’s disapproval but she turns around and flashes that now-famous smirk before walking away. The Mean Girls look a little concerned at Asuka’s smile and they probably should be.

— Breeze finds out he’s taking on Apollo Crews at Takeover and doesn’t seem thrilled about it. I’m kind of excited though.

— This Kyle Edwards guy is back to look at the Dusty Rhodes Classic with footage from last week’s win by Baron Corbin and Rhyno to advance to the semifinals. Meanwhile in Austin, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson shocked the Vaudevillians with a clean pin on the Shatter Machine o advance to the semifinals. Next week Finn Balor and Samoa Joe will take on Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy. The Hype Bros will face Jason Jordan and Chad Gable on the other side of the bracket and they cut separate promos.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Vaudevillians (c) vs. Blake & Murphy

Quick wrestling sequence and Alexa tries to get involved and immediately Blue Pants races out and chases her to the back. Gotch uses the distraction to get a rollup for two. Springboard elbow from Gotch and a shining wizard from English gets two on Blake. Headlock from English but Blake uses the hair to reverse the hold and take English down. Rope sequence and English misses a dropkick. Blake and Murphy try a double team but English takes them both down and sends them to the floor. English goes after Blake but Murphy sneaks from behind and suplexes him on the ring apron and we take a break.

(NXT is heading to England!)

We’re back and the challengers have taken over against English and cut the ring off in half. Lots of rest holds from Blake and Murphy as I remembered from trying to watch them before. I was never impressed with them as a team. Alexa was their draw. Murphy has shown he’s got plenty of talent…Blake not so much and it shows here as Murphy is needed on both ends to carry the action. English fights out of a chinlock and absolutely DESTROYS Murphy with an uppercut. Both teams tag but Gotch gets the hot tag and goes to town on Blake with some cool strikes and a back suplex. Rolling senton from Gotch but English’s somersault sexton finds knees. Tag to Murphy who comes in with a flying knee drop for a near fall. English with a small package for two. Double suplex is countered and Murphy gets dumped from the ring leaving Blake alone for the whirling dervish to retain the titles. **1/2. The segments with Murphy and Gotch were good but Blake really brought things down.

— Enzo Amore says no guy has done more for their careers than Dusty Rhodes and they are ready for Finn Balor and Samoa Joe next week. Must admit Enzo’s line about his jaw being so hard he could blow a bubble with a now later is pretty good.

— Finn Balor says Enzo and Cassidy are his friends but there’s no time for that when is comes to winning the Dusty Rhodes Classic and honoring his mentor. Joe says he and Finn are the toughest dogs on the block and “you can’t teach that”. Of course he slaps Finn’s belt too as a subtle reminder of what’s coming down the road.

I love those promos by the way. It was that old SNME style and it always works.

Bottom Line: Pretty substandard show. The Vaudevillians were all right but after seeing the early stuff from Alpha, Revival and DIY it was pretty obvious that the tag division was headed to better places.