WWF Superstars – May 22nd, 1993

May 22, 1993

From the Worcester Memorial Auditorium in Worcester, MA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Before the show, Vince talks about RAW and how “The Kid” upset Razor Ramon and that Marty Jannetty defeated Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Title.

This week, Shawn Michaels vs. Crush in a King of the Ring Tournament Qualifying match. Also in action are the Smoking Gunns, Adam Bomb in his debut, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Smoking Gunns vs. Duane Gill & Chris Duffy

Savage makes a joke about Lawler shooting blanks as Billy starts off by working over Gill. Vince hears a rumor of the Gunns possibly being in the “King of the Ring event” then once again teases Lawler about not taking part in the tournament. Bart is in and hammers away on Gill then takes Duffy over with an arm drag and works the arm. The Gunns stay in control then put Duffy away with a back drop into a piledriver for the win (3:04).

Thoughts: The Gunns looked decent enough here but did not blow anyone away but the company’s tag depth was shallow so they can provide help in that regard.


WWF Update with Gorilla Monsoon. This is about RAW on Monday dubbed the “Night of Upsets” with Marty Jannetty making a surprise return to defeat Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Title and Kid beating Razor Ramon. We are also shown clips of Kid getting destroyed the past two weeks as they portray him as being outclassed. Gorilla then mentions how Razor has a special announcement for this coming Monday’s RAW. First off, and we saw this before the opening montage, they really did push RAW for having surprise wins and moments to make it must-see viewing where you can expect the unexpected. The company had become painfully formulaic and slowly made transitions from canning “Prime Time Wrestling” in favor of RAW along with more recent additions and subtractions to the broadcast and interview teams.


Jerry Seavey vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Lawler plugs the debut of his new talk segment called “King’s Court” which debuts this week on “Wrestling Challenge” as his first guests are Giant Gonzalez & Harvey Whippleman. Bigelow, who carried a bag of Tatanka’s hair to the ring, beats on Seavey to start. Seavey tries to fight back but runs into a clothesline as Bigelow goes back on offense. The announcers talk about Razor Ramon getting upset by Kid as Bigelow hits a senton then climbs up top for a flying headbutt and the win (2:25).

Thoughts: Back to pushing the Bigelow/Tatanka feud as the announcers continue to push The Kid beating Razor on RAW so its crystal clear they have plans to push him going forward. Plus we got the news of Lawler’s new segment that will take place on “Wrestling Challenge.”


An ad for the King of the Ring PPV airs.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Crush

Shawn’s entrance was not shown since he was still the Intercontinental Champion when this taping occurred on 5/4. Vince talks about Shawn losing the title to Marty as Shawn gets pie-faced. Crush continues to overpower Shawn until he gets a thumb in the eye. Crush comes back with a press slam as the ref prevented him from tossing Shawn outside. Crush then clotheslines Shawn over the top rope but misses a charge in the corner then Shawn sends Crush outside with a high knee. Shawn sends Crush’s head into the steps then the post before taking Crush back inside where he works a chinlock. Crush blocks a super kick then catches Shawn with a big boot and drops the leg. Shawn is hung up in the corner and bounces around while getting kicked until Crush sends him outside. Crush elbows Shawn off of the apron but gets low-bridged after that then Crush headbutts Shawn but the bell rings as both men are counted out (5:26) **1/4. They take it back inside where Crush hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then puts on the head vice.

Thoughts: Really just an abbreviated version of their match a month prior on the “UK Rampage ’93” show. We get another KotR qualifier without anyone advancing and I hated how the bell rang for the count out only a couple of seconds after Crush stepped outside.


Gene Okerlund teases the announcement of an eight-man tag match at the King of the Ring PPV later on during his report. He also says due to the double count out that Shawn and Crush failed to qualify for the King of the Ring Tournament.


King of the Ring Report with Gene Okerlund. We learn about this eight-man tag which is the Steiner Brothers & Smoking Gunns vs. Money Inc. & Headshrinkers. Also, Lex Luger vs. Tatanka will take place in the first round of the tournament with just two spots left as on “Wrestling Challenge” we will see Mr. Hughes vs. Kamala and on RAW Mr. Perfect vs. Doink will take place for the third time to determine the last two spots. If they were going to announce Doink vs. Perfect again they why even bother with Crush/Shawn? I mean both guys were being protected Okerlund then takes a call about someone named Johnny Polo as the segment ends. Well, we will find out why they did what they did with Crush/Shawn next week.


We now see this Johnny Polo fellow on the video wall. Polo has curly hair and He tells us to get ready for an explosion before we go to break. Polo was wrestling in the USWA as Scotty Flamingo before coming to the WWF. And of course he would later become Raven in ECW after leaving the WWF. In his first shoot interview with RF Video, Polo said that Vince called him up and offered a managerial position and Polo thought it meant both managing and as a wrestler but that was not the case.


Adam Bomb w/ Johnny Polo vs. Burt Centeno

Bomb is billed from Three Mile Island. He was wrestling as the Nightstalker in Smoky Mountain prior to signing with the WWF and has size. Bomb beats on Centeno in the corner then busts out a standing dropkick. Bomb slingshots in with a shoulder tackle then asks if we are ready for the bomb then proceeds to hit a powerbomb for the win (2:41).

Thoughts: Bomb showed an impressive combination of power and agility here. However, without any introductory vignettes its usually a sign you’re not going to get a push right out of the gate. According to Bomb in his shoot interview with RF Video, he got a call from Sgt. Slaughter to come in for a TV taping and was hired after working a dark match. Bomb also claimed in that interview he was originally going to get the Ringmaster gimmick that ended up going to Steve Austin a couple of years later. Bomb also claimed he put a lot of his own spin on the gimmick including the contacts and red tongue. Also, in Polo’s interview, he said that Bomb thought he was his actual manager and asked him to make car rental arrangements among other things. And speaking of Polo, he really didn’t do much here except for coming off mildly obnoxious. Polo himself said he treated this gimmick like someone who had too much leisure time on his hands and brought all sorts of ridiculous stuff to the ring.


We then hear Jasmine McNeill’s “There’s No Hope With Dope” essay that we first saw a few weeks ago on RAW.


Another ad for the King of the Ring PPV.


Brooklyn Brawler vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Brawler attacks Duggan then hammers away in the corner. Duggan blocks a kick then hammers away then takes Brawler outside. Duggan chases Brawler back into the ring and hammers away then scoops Brawler up for a slam before the Three Point Stance gets the win (1:58).

Thoughts: A quick win to put over Duggan, who is still feuding with Yokozuna on the house show circuit.


The announcers plug the remaining King of the Ring qualifying matches.


Next week, Sensational Sherri will be here for an interview. In action are Tatanka, Steiner Brothers, and Yokozuna.


Final Thoughts: This show really put over what happened on RAW as they’re starting to turn RAW into the top show, especially since some markets are dropping Superstars from their syndication. We saw a KotR qualifier end in a double count out and the debut of Adam Bomb & Johnny Polo plus the announcement of a new match added to the PPV, which is just about three weeks away.