Batista… Brock… WHAT AM I MISSING?!

So our options are Batista/HHH 56 or possibly getting the world-shatter match that has been teased for over 15 years?

I'm sorry but have Samoa Joe attack Seth for reasons or have HHH realize how pissed he is at Seth for Steph going through a table a year ago or whenever it was and have Seth do LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE.  Deal with fallout however you want and do whatever you need to do to get this match in the RING!


Batista v. Brock?  Aside from the curiosity of never seeing it before, I don't consider anything with Brock a "dream match" anymore.  We've seen the Bryan match we were robbed of and the Balor match, and I'm personally over ever seeing Brock again. 

Also, Batista has been pretty transparent about only wanting to come back to face HHH, period.  So that's pretty much that.