WWF Wrestling Challenge – May 16th, 1993

May 16, 1993

From the America West Arena in Phoenix, AZ

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan

This week we will see Mr. Perfect vs. Doink in a King of the Ring Qualifying match.


Razor Ramon vs. Sean Dakota

Razor beats the crap out of Dakota then tosses him out of the ring. He now uses a STF then a super back suplex before the Razor’s Edge gets the win (2:15).

Thoughts: An easy win for Razor to put him over as one of the King of the Ring favorites.


We get a music video for Hacksaw Jim Duggan titled “USA.” This was quite bad to be honest. The song was incredibly repetitive as well.


Nasty Boys vs. Steve Vega & Barry Horowitz

The Nasty Boys beat on Horowitz as the announcers talk about their feud against the Headshrinkers. Vega is in now and does not fare any better as the announcers continue to talk about the Nasty Boys/Headshrinkers feud then the Nasties use a running powerslam/flying elbow drop for the win (3:02).

Thoughts: This was the Nasty Boys final appearance and now the Headshrinkers are left without a feud.


Mr. Hughes vs. Dan Farren

The announcers talk about all of the WWF managers wanting to sign Hughes. Farren charges but gets clotheslined then Hughes hammers away. Hughes drops an elbow then we hear from Mr. Fuji in an insert promo as he talks about Hughes being very tough and that he can make him a lot of money. Hughes continues to overpower Farren then puts him away with a sidewalk slam (2:19). After the match, Hughes tosses Farren outside.

Thoughts: We have another manager talking about wanting Hughes as a client but yet again the fact Whippleman accompanied Hughes to the ring on RAW was not brought up on commentary.


King of the Ring Report airs.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Mr. Perfect vs. Doink the Clown

Perfect heads out to the aisle and chops Doink, who squirted a kid in the crowd. Perfect chops away then rolls Doink back inside. Perfect takes Doink down then works the leg. Perfect applies an Indian Death Lock as Doink breaks that with an eye rake. Doink now works a sleeper but Perfect escapes and goes back to working the leg. Doink breaks out of a figure four and sends him outside where he rams Perfect’s head into the steps. Doink rolls back inside then heads out to ram Perfect’s head into the steps once again. Doink beats on Perfect in the ring then sends him back out with a clothesline. The action heads back inside with Doink working an arm bar on the mat. We now get a slugfest then the bell rings as we apparently reached another time-limit draw (7:03) *1/2. They continue brawling and Perfect hits the Perfect Plex before we get the official announcement then Doink is shown laughing and yelling at the fans. Perfect grabs the mic and asks “Bozo” for five more minutes then chases him up the aisle.

Thoughts: Dull, mat-based match which seems based on the ending designed to set up for yet another rematch.


An ad for King of the Ring airs.


El Matador vs. Reno Riggins

Ross puts over Matador’s ability and personality as he works an armbar. Matador blocks a kick as Heenan makes some ethnic jokes then Matador slingshots Riggins back inside and works the arm once again. The announcers talk about the King of the Ring Tournament then Matador uses the El Paso de Muerte for the win (3:07).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop to talk about the King of the Ring Tournament. It was nice of Ross to put over Matador though.


Next week in action are the Smoking Gunns, Yokozuna, Tatanka, and Lex Luger. Plus, Kamala vs. Mr. Hughes in a King of the Ring Qualifying match as we hear from both men to close out the show. Slick is with Kamala for the promo however was not present for the match.


Final Thoughts: We got yet another draw between Perfect and Doink and the premiere of a really shitty video about Duggan. Other than that it was more basic PPV hype.