WWF Monday Night RAW – April 12th, 1993

April 12, 1993

From the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Rob Bartlett who has unfortunately returned after being stranded in Las Vegas.


We see Money Inc. backstage handing money to the Beverly Brothers, who give Money Inc. a scouting report on the Steiner Brothers.


IRS w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Scott Steiner w/ Rick Steiner

Before the match, IRS yells at the crowd they have until Thursday to pay their taxes and send in the money they owe. The match starts with both men fighting over a wrist lock as Vince tells us that the Steiners want to be Tag Team champions and that Luna Vachon will have an interview later on in the show. Scott catches IRS with a powerslam then IRS bails and takes a breather. IRS returns and uses a drop toehold but Scott reverses and works a hammerlock on the mat. Scott now applies an armbar until IRS breaks that up with an elbow smash. Scott blocks a suplex and hits one of his own for a two count then goes back to the arm. IRS slips out and regroups with DiBiase on the outside. IRS returns and cheap shots Scott in the corner then tosses him outside. DiBiase clotheslines Scott then takes off his suit and pants as Rick stands over his brother. We go to break and return with IRS in control. He hits a piledriver then puts Scott in a chinlock. Scott escapes and they slug it out until IRS rakes the eyes. IRS hits a backbreaker before heading up top but eats boot on the attempt. Scott runs wild and even uses IRS’s tie for a neck snap then hits a double underhook powerbomb but DiBiase runs in to break up the pin as the match is ruled a DQ (12:05) **1/2. Both teams slug it out then the Beverly Brothers run out and attack the Steiners. DiBiase holds up Scott for a double clothesline but Scott escapes and DiBiase gets hit. The Beverlys help DiBiase to his feet but he’s pissed and we get a shoving match and IRS gets knocked out of the ring. DiBiase tries to pay off the Beverlys but he bails and leaves with his partner.

Thoughts: This match was solid, especially since it featured IRS who has been dreadful to watch during this run. The real story though was after the match with the Beverly Brothers turning on Money Inc. Since the Beverlys took the money earlier in the show and still attacked the Steiners I would not call it a face turn.


They continue to run the ad hyping WrestleMania IX as the greatest WrestleMania of all-time in an attempt to get people to order the replay.


Tatanka vs. Von Krus

Tatanka works over Krus as the announcers talk about how he is still undefeated. He hits some chops in the corner then we see Doink the Clown in the aisle, which appears to be played by Steve Keirn. Tatanka whips Krus into the corner a few times then follows with a slam and an elbow drop. Krus manages some offense then they slug it out after Vince said Friar Ferguson will be making his debut tonight. Tatanka fires up and hits a few chops before the Samoan drop gets the win (4:00).

Thoughts: With Doink coming out here and his feud with Crush about over it seems like they are setting up for a Tatanka/Doink program.


WrestleMania Report with Sean Mooney. They are still calling this the “greatest WrestleMania in history” to plug the replay on PPV as Mooney recaps what happened with the World Heavyweight Title and how Hulk Hogan is the new champion. He also goes over how we saw two Doinks at WrestleMania as well as what happened in the Giant Gonzalez vs. Undertaker match.


Rob Bartlett is shown reading WWF Magazine before his interview with Luna Vachon and Sensational Sherri.


Luna comes out to ringside for her interview. She yells at the fans then calls out Sherri for beign a witch. Luna then yells at Bartlett that she is here to speak and not listen to him before calling herself a “strong, sleek, and sensuous” female. Bartlett then tells Luna that Sherri is here and she comes out with her face painted up a bit. Sherri yells at Bartlett then Luna calls herself the ultimate female in the ring but Sherri says she has beat up bigger men then attacks Luna. Sherri also decks Bartlett before suplexing Luna on the floor. Luna nails Sherri with a belt as the crowd is really into this brawl. Luna shoves Sherri into the post then proceeds to rip her clothes. Sherri fights back and pulls Luna’s pants down a bit to expose a thong as they are now brawling in the front row. Sgt. Slaughter comes out to carry Luna away as we go to break. The actual brawl here was great. It was pure chaos. And more risque than just about anything else that has aired on WWF TV. It was like a precursor to the Attitude Era and definitely fit the unpredictable vibe the show was trying to become.


After commercial, Savage is with Sherri but Luna runs back down and they continue their brawl until Slaughter, Pat Patterson, and a referee escort Luna backstage. Savage then interviews Sherri as Sherri challenges Luna to a match. They had matches on the house show circuit but from what I can tell nothing that made it to TV.


Papa Shango vs. Scott Taylor

Shango beats down Taylor as Vince tells us that Beverly Brothers vs. Money Inc. are negotiating a match for next week. Shango stays in control as Bartlett returns with his clothes all ripped then drops in front of the announcers table then Shango uses a reverse shoulderbreaker for the win (2:24).

Thoughts: The main thing here was that we might be seeing Money Inc. vs. Beverly Brothers for next week.


Friar Ferguson vs. Chris Duffy

Ferguson is played by Mike Shaw, who at this time was most famous to wrestling fans as Norman the Lunatic in WCW. He lifts up a pad of paper attached to his robe that says “monk.” Duffy shoves Ferguson a few times but Ferguson fights back. Ferguson slingshots Duffy to the floor as Vince tells us the Beverly Brothers vs. Money Inc. in a non-title match will happen next week. Ferguson stays in control and hits a splash but only gets two. Bartlett tells some crappy jokes as Vince laughs as this match has sucked the energy out of the building. Ferguson stays in control then counters a sunset flip with a sit-down splash and gets the win (4:22).

Thoughts: Man did this flop. Despite being terrible, there was nothing this character did that warranted cheers or boos and it was a no-win situation. Shaw also said in his shoot interview with RF Video that Vince told him he was getting heat for a religious character and scrapped the gimmick as Shaw sat at home (paid according to him) until the company found something else for him to do. On how he got the job, Shaw said that the WWF called him up after he sent a tape to Sgt. Slaughter. At the time he was working in Mexico. He also said that Bret Hart told him what to do then at the 3/9 Augusta, GA “Wrestling Challenge” taping, Vince hired him and gave the gimmick.


Another ad to hype the WrestleMania IX replay.


Money Inc. is backstage as Vince interviews then from the announcers table. They talk about accepting the Beverlys challenge but then the Beverlys run in for the attack as the show goes off the air.


Final Thoughts: The show revolved around a Money Inc./Beverly Brothers program and we saw the debut of one of the worst gimmicks in WWF history in Ferguson, which was also the final appearance of the character. The Sherri and Luna brawl was great though as it was a solid edition of RAW, which is starting to exist in its own universe apart from the syndicated shows.