Hey, Scott:

Loving your Superstars recaps. Some questions:

1.) Could Nailz — in his previous "Kevin Kelly" incarnation — go in the ring at all? Watching him nearly 30 years later, he seemed to actively *trying* to be terrible.

2.) Did Vince know that Bossman would be gone from the company in early 1993? In hindsight, I've always wondered why Nailz didn't go over Bossman at Survivor Series 1992, if the plan was to slide Nailz over to feud with Undertaker. Seems you'd want to build him up as a legit threat.

3.) I'm old enough to remember Hogan drawing some money around the loop with the exhumed remains of Killer Khan in early 1987. If Hogan was around 1992, do you think he could've done business with Nailz or had the business cooled to the point where Nailz was dead-on-arrival, regardless?

Thanks, man!

1.  No, Kevin Wacholz was always terrible and immobile.  

2.  He didn't specifically know he was leaving, but the writing was on the wall and Bossman was running on fumes anyway.  I think Bossman went over because of the good guys win principle, but you're right, it probably should have been Nailz.  

3.  He would've drawn with Hulk.  Had Hulk been around and in the role occupied by Bossman, that would've carried the summer for them.