Friday Night Party Thread: February 15, 2019

YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE at Fox Hall in Annandale, Virginia, where over 300 of my craziest friends are joining me for NOVA Pro’s season 4 premiere tonight!  It’s also my debut as a referee on this stage, so yeah, I’m a shade nervous.

ESPN has the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities tonight.  ESPN2 has the college action, with Saint Joe’s/Davidson, followed by Troy/Georgia Southern.  ESPNU has the goods tonight with Buffalo/Toledo (don’t laugh — both teams could make the NCAA tournament), followed by Northern Kentucky/Wright State.

I want to thank those in the Day Thread who discussed the ALWF’s future here.  The majority seem to be okay with it being there, and the biggest issue is Benoit’s inclusion.  I’ll consider writing him out if it matters that much in the future.  But I’ll keep the hype to the chat threads instead of their own posts, while putting up the big shows for your enjoyment.

Meanwhile, in the land of the living, we’re heading to the Elimination Chamber, and excitement couldn’t be more tepid!  I would recommend New Year’s Revolution 2005 as a night viewing, as I really love that particular Chamber match.  I think it’s Batista’s real coming-out party.

Enjoy the weekend!