Indies and Insanity: February 14, 2019

Oh, like I have a valentine today.

Your NBA on TNT game this week — just one, as the All-Star break is around the corner — is Thunder/Pelicans.  Your college basketball slate is: ESPN has Houston/Connecticut; ESPN2 has Illinois/Ohio State, then Murray State/Austin Peay (Ja Morant of Murray State is a must-see), and Gonzaga/Loyola Marymount.  Meanwhile, your ESPNU deep cuts are Tulsa/Tulane, Arizona/Utah, and St. Mary’s/Santa Clara.  Plus, if you stick with ESPN after the hoops, they have a special on the UFC Heavyweight Classic between Cain and Brock.

The Indie Roundup of the weekend — and we got some good stuff — coming after the jump.

So let’s get into that slate for this weekend!

  • CMLL Super Viernes presents the Universal Championship finals!  Niebla Roja and El Terrible, winners of their 8-way matches, will square off for the honors!  Plus, the other Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia, Gran Guerrero, and Ultimo Guerrero) have a trios match with Caristico, Mistico II, and El Valiente!
  • Meanwhile, tomorrow in Queens, it’s ICW-NY putting on a show called Party and Bull____.  Teddy Hart faces Jimmy Lloyd, while Orange Cassidy defends the IWTV Title against Chris Dickinson.  Oh, right… NICK GAGE FACES SCOTT STEINER!  HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN!  This show will be streamed on IWTV!
  • I’ll be in Annandale, Virginia, tomorrow night for NOVA Pro’s 2019 debut, Ain’t That A Kick In The Head!  Allie Kat faces Terra Calaway, Alexander James tries to get his roster spot back against Logan Easton LaRoux, and Tim Donst goes gimmick for gimmick with Retro Anthony Greene!
  • RPW will be at it tomorrow night in York Hall for High Stakes!  How high?  How about PAC facing Will Ospreay!  Maxwell Jacob Friedman going against El Phantasmo!  Josh Bodom against Lucha Underground sensation Angelico!  And more!  [NOTE: this show is sold out.]
  • Meanwhile in Hamburg, WXW is presenting Dead End.  A4 faces Dragunov and Bobby Gunns in a match to determine who challenges for the title at 16 Carat Gold.  Killer Kelly and Toni Storm are two-thirds of a three-way, with up-and-coming women’s star and NOVA Pro mainstay Faye Jackson as the third!  Plus WALTER, David Starr, RISE, and more!
  • PWX presents Battlefield X on Saturday afternoon in Concord, North Carolina.  Elijah Evans IV defends the big gold against Darius Lockhart, while the WorkHorsemen challenge the Revolt for the tag titles.  But the big story is that this is warmup for…
  • EVOLVE 122 later that evening!  Austin Theory puts the title on the line against Anthony Henry!  Eddie Kingston takes on Angelo Dawkins!  AR Fox meets Shane Strickland!  Darby Allin goes against ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!  Plus Montez Ford, DJZ, and more!
  • On Sunday, OTT in Dublin, Ireland, presents their second annual Homecoming show!  And what a show it is: Ilja Dragunov faces Shigehiro Irie, Jordan Devlin faces David Starr, Mark Haskins is in a triple threat with Andrew Everett and Timothy Thatcher… and your main event is the first salvo in the AEW/WWE “war” as PAC faces WALTER!

And now, your Indie Match of the Week: from Black Label Pro, here’s EVOLVE wrestler Darby Allin facing off against Ring of Honor wrestler PCO!

Bring the Insanity!