Did they break The Rockers up too soon?

Hey Scott,

Going through the 1992 Superstars and it occurred to me: The Rockers never had a chance to be THE face team in WWF despite being excellent workers and pretty over with the fans. With The hart Foundation gone, and LOD being difficult, do you think it would've worked to keep The Rockers together and have them dethrone Money Inc. at WrestleMania 8?

Money Inc. vs. Th Rockers could've been a hell of a match
The Rockers finally get their big title win on a big stage
It allows fans to see Shawn Michaels as a champion for the first time
The Rockers can carry the tag division through the summer of 92 against Money Inc and Beverly Brothers on house shows. 
The Rockers vs. natural Disasters is a perfect David vs. Goliath tag match to build to for SummerSlam 92. 

And then, when you begin to rebuild dissension — like when Marty accidentally costs Shawn the match — the stakes are higher because the tag belts are at stake. 

Then Shawn has a major beef, kicks him through the window and BAM! 


That's all well and good, but Marty got arrested and put on house arrest for assaulting a police officer right after the initial split, so the Rockers weren't gonna be doing anything for most of 1992 anyway.  

Hold on….maybe the Nailz character was actually inspired by Marty!  He should sue for royalties.