The Authority

I legitimately don't understand the rationale of this on-screen authority character development. HHH is a babyface because he runs NXT, but he's otherwise been the Attitude era typical corporate heel against every top face on Raw for years. What the hell is he now? He wants to control the babyfaces to the point of submission and deference, but he's not….totally unreasonable or cruel, I guess. Should I hate him or not? Then Stephanie has been the most straightforwardly evil heel on the show for almost a decade and the biggest Attitude era ripoff of the evil Mcmahon figure, but now  she's…… a heel who has mellowed a bit? I mean, she's clearly not a face. Vince wants to shake things up and listen to the fans, so he's kind of a babyface…who just screwed over the top face. Now he's a full heel again too, I guess? 

All of this just feels like the Attitude era without the same clear commitment to the heel personas of the authority characters (or originality or momentum, but I digress). 

You should just be grateful that the McMahons grace us with their presence on TV, pal!  Look at how Vince shook things up and brought in all those new people, like the guy who jobbed to Dean Ambrose on Monday or the girl who stunk up the Rumble and then disappeared!  Those people!