Impact Wrestling – February 8, 2019

Impact Wrestling
Date: February 8, 2019
Location: Fronton Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
Commentators: Don Callis, Josh Matthews

Things are starting to pick up around here with one of the biggest matches we’ll be seeing in Mexico as LAX defends the Tag Team Titles against the Lucha Bros. That could be a heck of a match with four guys who can work well together and tear the house down with the right amount of time. It’s likely to be better than the World Title feud, which still isn’t doing anything of note. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap opens while serving as a recap.

Opening sequence.

Willie Mack/Rich Swann vs. Crist Brothers

The Brothers jump the gun before the bell and take over to start, though I’m not sure the match ever officially got underway. Mack gets sent outside and it’s Swann caught in the wrong corner for the double teaming. That doesn’t last long though as Mack comes back in and sends the Brothers outside for the running flip dive. Back up and the Brothers drop Mack onto the apron, setting up a Crossface back inside.

Mack crawls over and bites the rope for the break (that’s certainly different) so Dave superkicks him into a rollup for two. The chinlock doesn’t last long so Jake goes with a chinlock to mix things up a bit. It’s back to Dave and a double clothesline allows the hot tag to Swann. Everything breaks down and Rolling Thunder into a splash gives Swann two but the Brothers are right back up with a spike Tombstone for the same. A double Stunner from Mack sets up a double handspring cutter from Swann, setting up the middle rope 450 to finish Jake at 9:40.

Rating: C. The ending came a bit out of nowhere but Mack and Swann work very well together, meaning this was a pretty nice little match. Swann vs. Callihan could be interesting and the backstory being filled in will help them out a lot. What we got here was good though, which tends to be the case in openers on this show.

We recap the ending of last week’s main event with Brian Cage allowing partner Johnny Impact to get speared down.

The Lucha Bros promise to win the titles.

Next week: Impact defends against Killer Kross, Moose and Brian Cage.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: LAX returns. This was during the time when Bruce Prichard and Dutch Mantell were around. Remember any of that? I’m not sure why you would, but you might for reasons of self induced pain.

Allie vs. Kiera Hogan

Allie is looking for Rosemary during her entrance. Su Yung and Jordynne Grace are here as well. Kiera goes straight at her in the corner with some running elbows and a clothesline gets two. A choke shove sends Kiera into the corner though and Allie gets two of her own off a sliding clothesline. The announcers ignore the match to talk about anything else in the coming weeks, even ignoring Kiera hitting a superkick for two.

Allie misses one of her own and Kiera hits something like an Edge O Matic. Su tries to throw in the bloody glove so Grace takes her out without much effort. With Kiera down, Allie thinks about the glove but realizes it would summon Rosemary, allowing Kiera to get up and hit the fisherman’s neckbreaker for the pin at 5:22.

Rating: D. Hey look: Allie loses again, which really shouldn’t be much of a surprise anymore. Like I said last week, if she and Su don’t ever win anything, why is she someone that needs to be dealt with? Allie being scared of Rosemary is fine and the story hasn’t gotten old and stale yet, but they need to find a better way to tell it pretty soon.

Johnny isn’t happy with the announcement of the four way when Cage comes in to say he’ll see him next week.

Rob Van Dam and Sabu will face the Lucha Bros at United We Stand (the Wrestlemania weekend show). That would have felt old ten years ago and now it’s even worse.

Allie and Su go looking for Rosemary and a new message appears: “The witching is upon us. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel

Raju isn’t happy with the rolling around to start and yells at the fans as Callis says Raju wants to be like Gama Singh but would be lucky to be like Sonjay Dutt. Trey’s chinlock doesn’t last long so he springboard dropkicks Raju outside instead. A suicide dive is countered though and a faceplant onto the apron has him in trouble. Raj Singh gets in some cheap shots from the floor and it’s time to strike it off.

Raju actually gets the better of it with a shot to the knee and a right hand to the head for two. Trey is right back up with a double stomp to the back as this is getting more time than I was expecting. There’s a 619 in the corner, followed by a jumping neckbreaker for two on Raju. Back up and a sitout gordbuster gets two on Trey and a sliding knee to the back of the head (ala Adam Cole) is good for the same. The other Rascalz superkick Raj, leaving Trey to hit another 619 into a Meteora for the pin at 8:28.

Rating: C+. I….liked this? I’m not sure how to handle a world where a match featuring someone from the Desi Hit Squad actually entertains me but that’s what happened here. It’s no masterpiece or anything but what we got was fun enough and kept me entertained. Just keep it to singles matches and things can be completely adequate.

We look at Team AAA before the World Cup match.

Scarlett Bordeaux makes her in-ring debut in Las Vegas.

Sami Callihan vs. Puma King

Puma has been entertaining in MLW. Sami jumps him from behind to start but King is right back up with a superkick and it’s time to make some noise. There’s a running flip dive to the floor as the fans seem rightfully impressed by King. They head outside with another kick to the face keeping Callihan in trouble. He’s able to grab a tornado DDT on the floor though, leaving King outside for a near countout.

Back in and Callihan gets two off a Batista Bomb and it’s time to start stomping on the ankle. Or maybe to tear at the mask, like a heel should do in this situation. Sami lets him up so it’s the spit chop instead, with the announcers not exactly seeing the appeal. King gets tied in the Tree of Woe but manages to get his legs free for something like an ankle hurricanrana to escape. They both fall to the floor in a crash with Sami laughing (of course) as we take a break.

Back with Puma still in trouble and Sami showing some swagger for a change. King is fine enough to hit a spinebuster and an enziguri but can’t follow up. A victory roll into an elbow (just an elbow) keeps Sami in trouble and something like a Blue Thunder Bomb gets two. Some strikes to the face and ribs rock Sami so he bounces off the rope for a hard clothesline. La majistral gives King two as Sami grabs the rope, which feels out of place in this match. Back up and King hits some superkicks but takes a shot to the ribs, setting up the Cactus Piledriver to give Sami the pin at 17:26.

Rating: C. Another back and forth match here, though as usual it didn’t have much in the way of a flow to it as Sami was kind of going from spot to spot. Normally that’s not a great thing but it kind of fits with Sami, who is more about the violence and hurting people than getting a win. King continues to be fun and I could go or some more of him.

Video on Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie before their street fight next week. As usual, Tessa comes off like a complete star here, even if Gail Kim is going to get involved somehow.

Eli Drake runs into Eddie Edwards in the back and brags about getting the win last week in their tag match. Next week they’re in the World Cup match but Eddie doesn’t want to hear about it. He’ll do his thing and Eli can do his, but Eli wants to see the old Eddie next week. Eddie doesn’t seem to buy the idea.

Rundown of next week’s big show.

Killer Kross and Moose are ready for next week’s title match and seem ready to work together. Moose thinks they could be co-World Champions but Kross doesn’t seem interested. This treated Moose like a bit of an idiot, which isn’t the right fit for him.

Tag Team Titles: Lucha Bros vs. LAX

The Lucha Bros are challenging and get a big over the top entrance, which looks almost more like Chinese New Year than anything else. The Bros jump the gun again and it’s an early Pentagon Driver attempt being broken up, followed by a double belly to back suplex from the champs. That’s the first seventeen seconds so we’re in for a fast one here. The assisted moonsault is broken up and Pentagon hits a Codebreaker on Ortiz to set up Fenix’s top rope double stomp to the back.

Santana and Pentagon do the big staredown as the fans are WAY into this one, shocking no one at all. The other two get back int o break things up and Fenix kicks Santana out to the floor. Ortiz and Fenix slug it out with chops going upside the others’ heads until Santana comes in with a high crossbody. Fenix dropkicks both champs down and we take a break. Back with Fenix hitting Ortiz in the face to stun him on top as we’re actually in a standard match for a change.

Ortiz gets a spinebuster on Fenix and it’s off to Santana and Pentagon with more chops ensuing. The champs get the better of it this time as the announcers are doing a rather nice job of explaining how different these teams are with Konnan being a huge difference maker. A quick Pentagon Driver gets two on Santana as Konnan is starting to panic. The spike Fear Factor misses and rolling cutters take out both Bros at once.

A Codebreaker into a superkick into the double flip into a faceplant (how LAX retained at Homecoming) gets two on Fenix. There’s the Street Sweeper to Fenix but Pentagon makes the save, setting up the spike Fear Factor on Santana. Fenix suicide dives Ortiz as Pentagon gets two, followed by a regular Fear Factor for the same. The Bros have had it and it’s another spike Fear Factor with another dive to Ortiz to give us new champions at 14:11.

Rating: B+. I don’t think it’s as good as commentary was hyping it up to be but this was a very entertaining match with everyone just going insane, as they should have. I know the ending was a bit repetitive but there’s something to be said about dropping someone on their head over and over until they just don’t get up anymore. It’s the same idea that Edge had at New Year’s Resolution 2006 when he kept spearing Cena over and over until he won. Why go with something other than your biggest weapon if you have the chance?

Post match Konnan doesn’t know what to do. LAX gets up and Konnan tells them to shake hands. They do, though a little shoving takes place before LAX gives the Bros the ring to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. I liked this show more than I was expecting to and it was a rather fun night. The main event was the feel good moment for the crowd and that’s a great way to go. Next week’s big show is already set up and we had a good night here as what might be the high point of the tapings. One really good main event is better than a lot of tapings get so I’ll certainly call this one a success, even with a pretty lame Allie vs. Hogan match (though to be fair, that’s more the story than the wrestling). Good stuff here.

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