WWF March to WrestleMania IX

March 28, 1993

From Fayetteville, NC. This show was taped on 3/7

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan


We get clips of the Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna contract signing from this past weekend where Yokozuna attacked Bret with Bret able to get up and stand at the end while holding the belt.


The announcers run down the show which includes Yokozuna vs. Randy Savage and Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Undertaker. Plus, an interview with the Mega Maniacs.


Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

It takes a bit for these two to start. Savage eludes Yokozuna a few times but gets tossed down. Savage gets the crowd behind him and a “USA” chant breaks out. Savage bounces off of Yokozuna then Yokozuna tosses him over the top rope. Yokozuna heads out to ram Savage into the post. Back inside, Savage fights back with several jabs but gets dropped with a chop to the throat. Yokozuna hits a leg drop then chokes out Savage in the corner. Savage manages to avoid an avalanche then heads up top for a double axe handle as the crowd goes nuts. Savage then heads back up top but Fuji jabs him with the flag, causing Savage to crash and burn, then Yokozuna hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (6:37). *1/2. After the match, Yokozuna sets up for the Bonzai Drop but Savage rolled out of the way then sends Yokozuna outside with a high knee to the back.

Thoughts: Lots of stalling to start and the action we saw was not particularly exciting. The finish was uninspired with Fuji interfering and Savage getting pinned after a belly-to-belly then Savage getting some revenge afterwards.


We see a clip of Lex Luger’s debut at the Royal Rumble.


Mr. Perfect vs. Skinner

Perfect tosses his towel at Skinner. However, Skinner attacks Perfect before the bell. Skinner tosses Perfect outside and roughs him up as the announcers talk about the Luger/Perfect feud. The action heads back inside where Skinner clotheslines Perfect with his belt then whips him as Vince accuses Heenan of paying of Skinner to rough up Perfect before WrestleMania. Skinner bites Perfect as Vince is screaming for a DQ. Vince works in a WrestleMania Hotline plug as Skinner chokes out Perfect on the mat. Skinner misses an attack in the corner then Perfect fights back. Perfect chops away in the corner and hits his knee lift and neck snap. Perfect now roughs up Skinner until Skinner uses his gator claw. Skinner then sets up for a back drop but Perfect stops short and hits a Perfect Plex for the win as Heenan is screaming at Skinner if he wants his money (5:28) *1/2.

Thoughts: The story of this match was that Skinner was paid off by Heenan/Luger to rough up Perfect before WrestleMania, which they stated after Skinner started whipping Perfect with the belt. Skinner played the role well enough but he is so far down on the totem pole that no one believes him as a credible threat in that role and the live crowd became disinterested because they did not know the story. This did nothing to give Perfect momentum heading into WrestleMania.


We get ads for the WrestleMania Hotline and the PPV itself.


Rev. Slick is in the ring. He tries to pump up the crowd then tells us that Kamala will take Bam Bam Bigelow down at WrestleMania. Slick then credits the fans for trying to help out Kamala but whenever you try to do good, evil is present as Slick says we cannot let Kamala follow Kimchee into the darkness. Slick then runs backstage as Kamala’s music hits. This was like one of the sermons that Slick did at house shows which got horrible reviews from correspondents in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter.”


Kamala w/ Slick vs. Kimchee

Kimchee shoves an intimidated Kamala into the corner then hammers away. Kimchee now grabs Kamala’s beard and humiliates him until Kamala fights back. Kamala catches Kimchee in a bearhug then runs wild and hits a splash then finally rolls Kimchee over as we actively see people leaving their seats then Kamala covers for the win (2:11) DUD. After the match, Kamala beats on Kimchee with his hat. Kimchee bails then Slick puts the hat on Kamala as Vince is in all his glory.

Thoughts: Here’s the end to this thrilling feud. The Kamala & Slick pairing was a complete dud and the fans did not care.


WrestleMania music video airs.


Now, we get a brief video package on the events that led to the formation of the Mega Maniacs.


Money Inc. vs. Reno Riggins & Jerry Sabin

Before the match, IRS tells the Mega Maniacs they’re odds are not going to be too good at WrestleMania.  Sabin is the Italian Stallion of NWA/WCW fame. He even has “Italy” written on his back. Money Inc. beat down Sabin then do the same to Riggins. The announcers talk about the Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania as Money Inc. stays in control until DiBiase puts Riggins away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:49).

Thoughts: A quick squash match win to put over Money Inc. heading into WrestleMania.


Gene Okerlund welcomes the Mega Maniacs with Jimmy Hart to the interview platform. Okerlund asks Hogan about the Tag Team Titles as Hogan talks about watching Beefcake get hit with a briefcase while at home in Venice Beach and goes on some nonsense about that for a minute or two, even talking about “sniffing hair tonic.” then thanks the “big man upstairs” for making sure Beefcake was okay. Beefcake, sporting his mask, talks about putting the mask through a test and cuts a nonsensical promo like his partner but much worse as he does not have anywhere near the charisma. Jimmy tells us not to invest stock into Money Inc. because they are going bankrupt. However, the Mega Maniacs future is bright with new posters and Nintendo games before promising they will become champions at WrestleMania IX. Beefcake goes on again and his voice cracks a few times then Hogan talks about fishing with his bare hands and putting sea urchins and “nasty” mermaids into the fountains at Caesar’s Palace as this gets even worse until it ends with posing from both men. This lasted nearly ten minutes and every second was horrible. Hogan’s shtick came off really old and tired and Beefcake is completely miscast in this role. Hearing his voice crack throughout was embarrassing and the Mega Maniacs come off as a bad Mega Powers impersonation and nothing more.


Clips of Tatanka beating Shawn Michaels on the 2/13 edition of “Superstars.” We then hear from Shawn as he wants Tatanka to feel lucky heading into WrestleMania and says he will walk out of WrestleMania as champion and also walk out with Tatanka’s scalp.


Tatanka vs. George South

Heenan believes that Tatanka’s undefeated streak will end at WrestleMania. Tatanka shoves South down a few times as the announcers talk about Sensational Sherri being at ringside for WrestleMania. South lands a few shots but Tatanka fights back. South rakes the eyes and back then hammers away in the corner but Tatanka once again fights back. Tatanka chops down South then fights off South again and uses the Samoan drop for the win (3:16). After the match, Shawn comes down to ringside. Shawn then grabs a mic to promise that Tatanka will not beat him at WrestleMania. Shawn then leaves but Tatanka takes the mic and does not want to wait until WrestleMania and asks for a title match as the crowd is jacked. Shawn then climbs the ring steps and teases going inside but opts to leave

Thoughts: South got in a decent amount of offense as we get more hype for the IC Title feud, with Shawn still extremely cocky despite Tatanka having his number of late.


WrestleMania IX Report airs.


Beverly Brothers & Little Louie vs. The Bushwhackers & Tiger Jackson

Its been quite a while since we’ve seen midget wrestlers on WWF TV. Heenan got in a great line about Louie “Well, it wouldn’t be Big Louie.” And Jackson acts like a Bushwhacker. This match was also shown on the “Grudges, Gripes, and Grunts” Coliseum Home Video release. Heenan gets in more midget jokes. Beau stomps on Luke for a bit but Luke bites him in the ass then the match breaks down with more ass biting and midget comedy that actually has the crowd cheering. Blake and Butch are in now with Blake offering a handshake with one hand behind his back and he ends up attacking Butch from behind as Butch was dumb enough to ask the crowd for a decision as whether or not to accept. Butch fights back and works the arm as Vince teases Heenan about entering on an ostrich at WrestleMania. Blake bails but Butch decks him but that allows Beau to attack the now legal Luke from behind. The Beverlys cut the ring in half until Luke hits a clothesline then Butch runs wild. The match breaks down then The Bushwhackers put Jackson on top and he hits Louie with a flying body press for the win (9:55) *. Heenan had a great line about not understanding anything that just happened.

Thoughts: Not the worst comedy match I’ve seen and the crowd was really into this a lot but it went on for too long. Both teams are also at the bottom of the pecking order in the Tag Division and are nowhere near the WrestleMania card.


Another plug for the WrestleMania Hotline.


A clip of Giant Gonzalez attacking The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble is shown.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

Bigelow fires away but gets caught in a drop toehold. Bigelow bails and has Undertaker chase him around then hammers away back in the ring. Undertaker counters a back drop with a DDT then chokes out Bigelow in the corner. Undertaker hits his ropewalk attack but soon after that crashes and burns then we head to commercial. The action returns as Undertaker sits up after being slammed on the floor but Bigelow goes back on the attack. In the ring, Bigelow hits a back suplex then a slam as Undertaker sits up each time. Bigelow has Undertaker down then goes up top but misses the flying headbutt. Undertaker hits a jumping clothesline then a chokeslam as Bigelow bails and heads up the aisle and gets counted out (7:57) **. Giant Gonzalez & Harvey Whippleman then come down the aisle as Undertaker & Bearer go out and meet them but all of the referees and officials run down to separate them.

Thoughts: The action was solid and the Undertaker moved around quicker and less like his character but the finish was just terrible. And we were teased with a confrontation after the match to build heat for this match, which does not have much as Gonzalez is not as over as the company has hoped.


A music video for Bret Hart set to “Respect” by Aretha Franklin airs.


Final Thoughts: If you haven’t paid attention to the TV then they recapped the top matches well enough but the action was poor and the Mega Maniacs interview horrendous. At least this show had a brisk pace for the most part but this PPV does not have a must-see match and that is a problem.