Shawn/Razor rubber match.

So I was watching the second Shawn/Razor ladder match and it got me to thinking of a fun angle they could have run on Raw. About a week or two before Hall leaves he interrupts a Shawn promo and says something to the extent of "we all know I am leaving to do
down south soon but you and I have a score to settle, chico. I challenge you to one last ladder match. But I don't want your gold. I am willing to put up…(holds up necklaces) my gold." Shawn accepts they tear down the house one last time, Shawn wins, Hall
goes to WCW. It wouldn't have meant much in the grand scheme of things but it would be a cool moment that we could look back on. 

I wouldn't particularly have him say "I'm leaving for WCW" or anything like that, but having him challenge for the World title before he goes is a fine idea.