1992 Tag Programs

Hey Scott—

Rolling with the ‘92 Superstars episodes… Vince spends the whole summer hyping the Natural Disasters chasing Money, Inc. and the Beverly’s futile attempt to get “Legion of Sissies” over.

Yet after the random house show title switch, Summerslam is hyped as the Disasters defending against the Beverleys, and the infamous LOD/Money match where Hawk said “fuck off” and left the company.

Why didn’t we get the logical Money Inc/Disasters rematch and LOD/Beverlys blow-off? Is it as simple as “Because 1992 WWF?”

Good question, they played around with the tag programs a LOT in 92 and I don't know why exactly.  Wrestlemania was supposed to be Money Inc defending against LOD originally and that got changed for whatever reason as well.