Traditional Tag Team formula



Apart from, you know, Ricky Morton, who was the best 'face in peril' within the traditional tag team formula?  Which partner was the best after getting the 'hot tag'?  And from the other side of the ring, who were the
best heel team at getting rabid heat from the crowd by 'cutting the ring in half', switching off, etc etc.?


There's lots of heel teams that were really great at cutting off the ring, but Tully and Arn really had it down to a science.  In particular Tully knew how to be so incredibly irritating that fans couldn't possibly cheer him, which is always a danger when heel teams have dominance for a long time in a match.  There's a reason why the Revival steals so much from them today, for example.

As for the rest, Tito Santana was always really great at getting the heat, which is why you could slot him into so many combinations of babyface partners and he would work just as well with nearly anyone.  Selling and timing are the key and he had both.  

As for hot tag guys, Rick Steiner was amazing in short bursts in that role and I'd put him way up there. You want someone with fast, explosive offense and his was both things.