WWF/NWA Supercard

With the talk about Hogan / Flair fizzing in 1992, do you think in the 1987-89 period, if the egos in question could be satisfied, there could have been a WWF/NWA (or even WWF / Mid-Atlantic) supercard?  If it could have
happened, where would you have held it?  Or would you have had two cards, one in the South, and one in New York?  What do you think might have been a few of the matches?


Hogan-Flair, obviously.  But you could also have (say) Savage-Steamboat, Demolition / Road Warriors, Koloff / Duggan, Sting / Warrior, Luger / Rude etc etc?


Dude, PWI used to publish hard-hitting articles like that ALL THE TIME in the 80s.  And yeah, obviously Flair-Hogan is your main event, with Demolition v. Road Warriors underneath.  I don't think it realistically could have happened, but it's certainly run to speculate.  I'd go with…

Flair v. Hogan

Demos v. Road Warriors

Sting v. Warrior

Hart Foundation v. Midnight Express

Tully & Arn v. British Bulldogs

Honky Tonk Man v. Jimmy Valiant

Lex Luger v. Mr. Perfect (hopefully better than what we eventually got!) 

Barry Windham v. Tito Santana 

As to where you put it, I'd say somewhere relatively neutral like AWA territory because then you can piss off Verne as a bonus.  Maybe Chicago or Minnesota?