Indie Roundup: Feb. 8-10, 2018

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post this last night, but I had a stomach bug that really lamed me up.  Anyway, here’s your weekly look at the highlights outside the spotlights:

  • Tonight, AAW is in Austin, Texas for Lucha City Limits!  Your main event is the Lucha Bros challenging AR Fox and Myron Reed for the tag titles, but some good undercard action too!  Curt Stallion faces Sami Callihan, Jessika Havoc and Jimmy Jacobs have a dog collar match, and LAX face the Rascalz!
  • Tonight, it’s CMLL Super Viernes on Claro!  Phase two of the Universal Championship Tournament is tonight, an 8-way match featuring Diamante Azul, Mephisto, Sanson, Soberano Jr., Volador Jr., and more!  Plus, the Atlantis family faces the Villano family (don’t worry, most of them are next-gen).
  • Tomorrow night, CZW celebrates their 20th Anniversary in Voorhees!  Some CZW names from the past will have matches like Jimmy Rave, LuFisto, Matt Tremont, and B-Boy!  Plus, Mance Warner is putting the gold on the line in a four-way against Jimmy Lloyd, Conor Claxton, and Dan O’Hare!
  • Tomorrow night, SCI hits the Chattanooga area for the SCI Rumble!  The winner enters the annual Scenic City Invitational *and* gets to choose their first-round opponent from among participants!  Plus the undercard features Southern wrestling stalwarts such as Joey Lynch, Anthony Henry, Kevin Ku, Jake Garvin… and what’s this?  Nick Iggy faces Kerry Awful with Tripp Cassidy as the guest referee!
  • Hey guys — guys!  Guess what Sunday is!  No, not hump day, it’s National Pro Wrestling Day!  Lancaster, PA is hosting CHIKARA’s 7th annual celebration of the art, and their main event sees the tag gold on the line as Princess KimberLee and The Whisper defend against Sonny DeFarge and Cornelius Crummels!  On top of that J.F. de Coronado faces Missile Assault Man while Still Life With Apricots And Pears (yes, that’s the wrestler’s name) takes on Penelope Ford — and both Coronado and Still Life are on a 2-match winning streak!  Remember, three wins in a row is both necessary and sufficient for a title match!

Let’s visit Absolute Intense Wrestling in Ohio for a free indie match!  It’s four homegrowns facing off as Parker Pierce and Twan Tucker face Alex Kellar and Evan Adams.  Let’s see if anyone stands out!

See you tonight for the Party Thread, and maybe an ALWF Event Center!