Flair pinning Hogan

Curious to what you have to say about… Flair only got Hogan's shoulders on the mat for 3 once in over a hundred plus matches? Even that was an overbooked screwy finish.

Knowing that Hogan had some creative control makes some sense of it, but looking at the match history shows Flair laying down constantly and Hogan never returned the favor.

P.S. hope your climate heats up ASAP. I'm a PE teacher in California and each day kids tell me it's to cold to be outside for PE. I think of you along with others I know through the mid West and some Canadian folks. I try to let them in on how good Californians have it, I my self have not experienced a winter outside California. Wish you and your family well.
Could be worse.  Randy Savage never got to pin Hogan, ever, as far as I'm aware.  And they had even more matches.  
And I don't feel terribly bad for Flair because he spent years never laying down for Lex Luger in any form and being top guy.  
As for the weather, I have to pull out a classic meme when we hear about "snow days" in the US or schools being closed and we're like…