Delusional fans

I'm seeing the reaction on Twitter for the AEW press conference and jeez, these fans are already predicting the WWE's demise and how they're dumb for not signing Kenny Omega (you'd think they signed Steve Austin circa 1998 or Hulk Hogan circa 1985, Omega's
great but come on now)?  I get it, fans want to see something different and someone to challenge WWE.  But don't you think people should get a grip and wait for them to actually run a show and build up a reputation first before we start digging the WWE's grave
and crown AEW the greatest promotion ever?  As you say "Let's play it out and see where it goes"

I wouldn't say they were STUPID for not getting Omega and the Bucks, but by the same token, I think that the signs are starting to be there that they were kind of counting on it happening and now there's holes in the booking where Omega and the Bucks were supposed to be.  I do think they're stupid for treating Jericho badly enough that he wants to go to the competition now after swearing that he would never do it.  And I bet we're getting close to the point where Owens and Zayn might leave as well.