WWF Superstars – March 27th, 1993

March 27, 1993

From the North Charleston Civic Center in North Charleston, SC

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Jerry “The King” Lawler. Vince tells us about “WWF officials” starting a WWF Hall of Fame with Andre the Giant as the first inductee.

In action this week are Crush, Lex Luger, and The Headshrinkers.


Crush vs. Lee Armstrong

Armstrong had decent size but moved around in the ring like he had 20 lbs of shit in his pants. Armstrong lands a few shots but Crush beats him down. Crush hits a press slam then we hear from Doink in an insert promo as he calls WrestleMania the biggest party ever and promises a big surprise for Crush. Back to the match as Crush stays in control then uses the head vice for the win (1:55).

Thoughts: Hype for the Crush/Doink match at WrestleMania, which by the way has cooled off considerably since the prosthetic arm angle.


We now see the premiere of the “WrestleMania” music video. It definitely fit in with 1993. It was catchy enough though.


Now, we see Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a lumber yard. He talks about last time we saw him he was in his home licking his wounds but now he has decided to get up and avenge himself, family, and flag with his all new, American made 2×4 as he goes after “Yokozuma.”


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs.???

Lawler believes that Yokozuna will be the champion at WrestleMania as Vince plugs the WrestleMania hotline. The Headshrinkers opponents names were not announced. The Headshrinkers rush their opponents and beat the crap out of them. We hear from the Steiners in an insert promo as they are not afraid of the Headshrinkers, even telling them to say their prayers. Samu then hits one of the guys with a piledriver and Fatu comes off of the top with a splash for the win (2:09).

Thoughts: I like how they are billing the Headshrinkers vs. Steiners match at WrestleMania as two teams with power and speed that are not afraid of each other.


We now get the WrestleMania contract signing between Bret Hart and Yokozuna. Its courtesy of “Wrestling Challenge” so Gorilla & Heenan are on commentary. Gene Okerlund is the host and Jack Tunney is also present. Mr. Fuji gets up and mumbles something to Bret then Bret tells both Yokozuna & Fuji that he will 100% focused at WrestleMania and they will find out why he is the champion but Yokozuna rams the table into Bret’s stomach. Yokozuna stomps Bret then hits the Bonzai drop and sits on top of him. Yokozuna gets off and goes with Fuji then Bret eventually gets up but falls at Yokozuna’s feet. Gorilla says that Yokozuna gave Bret his best shot and that Bret still got up but Heenan tries to say that Yokozuna was holding back and saving himself for WrestleMania. Bret then gets up again and holds up his belt while limping around to end the segment. This was long but the beatdown looked good and they showed Bret not afraid of Yokozuna’s power and had him stand at the end with the belt.


Nasty Boys vs. Barry Hardy & Duane Gill

Savage talks about his upcoming match against Yokozuna on the “March to WrestleMania” special as the Nasty Boys beat on Hardy. The Nasty Boys use a double pit stop now then put Gill away with the running powerslam/flying elbow drop combo (2:19).

Thoughts: Since Money Inc. is facing the Mega Maniacs all Nasty Boys are doing is wrestling on TV with announcers putting them over for allowing the Mega Maniacs to get a title shot.


The Andre the Giant tribute video that was first shown on RAW airs.


WrestleMania IX Report with Gene Okerlund.


“The Narcissist” Lex Luger vs. ???

Luger’s opponent is also not announced. Luger beats on his opponent as we hear from Mr. Perfect in an insert promo saying that after WrestleMania, Luger will find out there is only one Mr. Perfect. Luger stays in control as the announcers talk about Luger leaving all of his opponents unconscious then Luger hits the running forearm smash and covers this guy while flexing for the win (2:07).

Thoughts: More hype for Luger/Perfect and the talk about Luger’s forearm shot leaving his opponents unconscious.


We are shown a replay of Yokozuna attacking Bret at the contract signing.


Giant Gonzalez is in action next week plus we will hear from Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, who will both be live from Las Vegas.


Final Thoughts: The show revolved around the Bret/Yokozuna contract signing, which took up a good chunk of the show. It was also beneficial to show some interaction between them although you can question why they waited until one week before the show. The WrestleMania music video also debuted and the rest of the show was hype for the other WrestleMania matches.