Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – October 3rd, 1992



– Last week on SMW TV… The Dirty White Boy finally had enough of Tim Horner, attacking him from behind and stringing him up from the top rope, Paul Orndorff failed to cash-in on the $10,000 bounty over Brian Lee’s head, The Stud Stable accused The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express of being drug addicts like Guns ‘n’ Roses, Ronnie Garvin is still upset over his towel being destroyed, and the Mystery Man behind the bounty on Lee’s head has offered to meet him in the ring at an unspecified date.

– Taped from the Hancock County High School in Sneedville, TN. Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell are calling the action, unless otherwise noted. This week, Ronnie Garvin and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will be in action, Killer Kyle meets Brian Lee in a $10,000 Bounty Match, and the Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright will be the guests on “Down & Dirty with Dutch.”


– Ronnie Garvin vs. Mike Sampson:
Sampson has traded in his second-rate bathrobe for a second-rate pleather vest. Lockup into the ropes and a clean break. Garvin rolls through a wrist-lock and locks on a single-leg crab. Dutch warns Garvin to not take Sampson lightly, with Orndorff in his head. I think he’ll be OK. Garvin with a hammerlock and knee to the butt. Lockup to the corner and Sampson with shoulders to the midsection. He lays into Garvin with rights and chokes away. Gavin turns things around and dishes out his open-hand strikes across the chest. Garvin tosses Sampson across the ring and gives him some more punishment. Garvin with a hard right-hand… and that finishes at 2:49. I guess that’s why they call him “Hands of Stone.”


– Highlights of Paul Orndorff destroying Ronnie Garvin’s towel. Yep, that is the big heat for this storyline. Screw killing someone’s pet or attempting to murder them with a sword, ripping part a dollar store towel is what pushes someone over the edge. That’s two angles currently running where someone is hung from the top rope.


– Bob Caudle with Ronnie Garvin. Garvin admits Orndorff kicked his butt, but it’s not the first time he got beat, and he always comes back. He goes to sleep thinking about Orndorff. Not thinking about making love to him or sending him a present but kicking his butt and sending him out of wrestling. He warns Orndorff that he’s messed with the wrong man and he’ll have what’s coming to him. Solid promo, short and to the point.


– “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. “Nitro” Danny Davis:
Weird for them not to advertise a match like this. Yeah, Davis is a JTTS, but he’s still a name. He’s wearing a t-shirt air-brushed with Paula all over it. Orndorff attacks before the bell, pounding away at Davis and ripping apart the shirt. Meanwhile, Ronnie Garvin is back at ringside, taking possession of Paul Orndorff’s robe! Davis with a hip toss and dropkick. Garvin plays around, wearing the robe, walking around ringside with it. Orndorff takes Davis over with a suplex and picks him up at the two-count. Garvin leads the crowd in a chant of “Paula”. Orndorff sets up for the piledriver and finally notices Garvin at ringside and is HOT about it, especially with Garvin prancing around. Davis uses the distraction to recover and roll Orndorff up for the three count at 4:09. Yeah, we didn’t advertise the match for a reason, as it was background noise to Garvin getting his revenge. Good to see WWE keeping the distraction roll-up finishes to 4-minute matches alive today.


– Brian Matthews (part time ring announcer, part time interviewer) is hyping the card coming to Evarts, KY on October 10th. The Stud Stable face the Fantastics, Brian Lee faces the Mongolian Mauler in a Bounty Match, The Dirty White Boy defends the SMW Heavyweight Title against Tim Horner, and The Heavenly Bodies defend the SMW Tag Team Titles against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.


– The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. Paul Lee & Joe Cazana:
I’m surprised to see the same enhancement talent continues to linger. That’s the last time I say “so and so doesn’t make another appearance” unless they’re pushed talent. Morton starts with Lee. Morton with a side headlock, hip toss, and an arm drag into the arm-bar. Jim Cornette joins the commentary team for the match. Morton with a fist to the midsection and Gibson comes off the ropes with a running knee lift. Cazana grabs a side headlock on Gibson. Crisscross and Gibson with an arm drag. Cornette says he’s got a surprise for Bob Armstrong and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. The RNR take turns working the left leg of Cazana. Double dropkick finishes at 2:46. Cornette conveniently leaves to answer a phone call as the match concludes.


– Bob Caudle with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Gibson says they work like one in the ring and their double dropkick is one move Jim Cornette fears. Morton says they don’t care what surprise he has for them. They’re in Smoky Mountain Wrestling for those Tag Team Titles. Rock ‘n’ Roll is here to stay, and they’ve got something for him in the ring.


– Down & Dirty with Dutch with Mr. Ron Wright and SMW Heavyweight Champion, The Dirty White Boy. We get a long recap from last week where the White Boy attacked Tim Horner and strung him up from the top rope, complete with Horner bleeding from the mouth to sell it. We get a pre-tape with Tim Horner showing off the marks around his neck. He reminds everyone he can have as many title matches as he wants. He’s over being mad, and it’s time for payback. The White Boy and Wright both have refreshing beverages in hand to commemorate the occasion. Wright thanks the White Boy for saving his life from that no-good, yellow coward. Wright says they aren’t drinking real beer because he body can’t handle it. The White Boy says when he saw Horner threaten Wright, something snapped inside him, and he did what he had to do. Horner’s lucky he didn’t get beat worse than he did, because you don’t put your hands on a dear old man like Mr. Wright. He’s going to do the wrestling world a favor, get Wright his operations, and maybe get him back in the ring. Suddenly, TIM HORNER rushes out and attacks the White Boy, throwing him into the concrete wall. Mr. Wright with a distraction, allowing White Boy to smash the beer bottle over Horner’s head. Tim Horner’s (alleged) wife comes out to check on him as we throw it to a commercial. The White Boy is on fire recently and is deservedly the top singles act in the company.


– Commissioner Bob Armstrong says things are going too far. He fines the White Boy $2,500 for what he’s done, and he would fine him some more if he were allowed without clearing it with the board of directors. Jim Cornette interrupts to talk about something serious. Mama Cornette has a crack staff of attorneys. They gave the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express their one chance at the titles and blew it. Cornette presents Armstrong an injunction that dictates the Express will not receive a title match when there are other teams that haven’t had one opportunity. Top teams like Dixie and Danny Davis, or Joe Cazana and Pat Rose are more deserving than them. Armstrong promises to investigate this and see what he can do.


– $10,000 Bounty Match: “Primetime” Brian Lee vs. Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette):
I don’t expect much from this one. I just hope they keep it short. Lee’s height really takes away Kyle’s aura as indestructible muscle. The Heavenly Bodies join the commentary for this one, saying they’d love to defend the Tag Titles against the RNR Express, but they don’t deserve one. Lockup and neither man with the advantage. Lockup #2 and Lee grabs a side headlock. Whip to the ropes and a shoulder tackle doesn’t budge Kyle. Lee tries it again with the same result Kyle catches him coming off the ropes a third time with a slam. Now it’s Lee unaffected by the shoulder tackles. Crisscross and Lee with a hip toss, followed by a slam and dropkick, sending Kyle to the floor for a breather. They trade right hands, with no-selling to speak of. Lee finally backs Kyle up in the corner. Whip across the ring and Lee meets the violin case on a missed charge. Cornette with a cheap shot through the ropes with the referee distracted. Kyle scoops Lee up and connects with a shoulder breaker. Lee rolls away from an elbow drop and does his Hulk-Up routine. Whip to the ropes and Lee with an elbow. He calls for the Cancelation, but the Heavenly Bodies break it up for the cheap Disqualification at 5:50. They put the boots to Lee, along with Kyle, until the save is made by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Cornette gets in the ring but Lee scares him to death. Suddenly, ANOTHER NEW STALKER attacks Brian Lee from behind. He quickly bails as soon as Dixie Dy-No-Mite and Danny Davis hit the ring. It was slightly better than last week’s Main Event of Lee and Orndorff. *


– Brian Matthews hypes the card in Evarts, KY on October 10th.



– Bob Caudle is with Brian Lee, Danny Davis, Dixie Dy-No-Mite, and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Davis gloats about pinning Paul Orndorff and gives his endorsement to Brian Lee. The Express call the injunction bologna and good things come to those who wait. Dixie says no matter what, all the boys are behind Brian Lee. As for Lee, he wants the man behind the attackers, and challenges him to do something about it face-to-face.


– Next Week: The Heavenly Bodies vs. Dixie Dy-No-Mite and Danny Davis for the Tag Team Titles!


Final Thoughts: Another week where the wrestling wasn’t worth mentioning, but we continue to develop all the storylines after what felt like a solid month of cold storytelling. The White Boy and Horner feud is being carried by great promo work from the White Boy and Ron Wright, as well as pushing the envelope with a lynching angle and Horner getting a beer bottle busted over his head. Cornette playing the chicken sh*t heel avoiding the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express is always great. Orndorff and Garvin isn’t lighting the world on fire, but at least having Garvin steal Orndorff’s robe moves them forward.