Brock vs Kurt

Hey Scott

The recent email about Hogan vs Flair got the Blog talking about iconic WM main events.  It got my thinking: had Brock hit the shooting star press clean as a sheet at WM19 and that had been the finish, how much more highly do you think his match against Kurt
would have been regarded?  It was a fantastic wrestling match leading up to that point, but the finish really seems to have killed it dead and it's rarely in the conversation for great WM main events.  So, had the finish not been botched, how highly do you
think it would rank?

I don't think significantly moreso.  It was a cool spot and that alone would have been memorable, but the crowd was pretty burned out by that point in the show and even a really great match wasn't saving it.   I think it would be still considered as lumped in with Jericho/HHH and all the other main events that would have been better served earlier in the card.