WWF Monday Night RAW – March 22nd, 1993

March 22, 1993

From the Manhattan Center in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Rob Bartlett


Damien Demento & Repo Man vs. The Bushwhackers

Oh boy, can’t wait to see this match! The Bushwhackers made their entrance through the balcony and the match started after the break. Vince puts over the “March to WrestleMania” episode that will air this Sunday. Butch bites Demento in the ass then Luke does the same to Repo Man as the crowd goes not care. The Bushwhackers clear the ring then march around like morons as that gets a better reaction. Things settle down as Repo Man beats on Luke. Vince talks about a tribute for Andre the Giant as Luke and Demento collide with both men down. Demento is up first as Luke remains in trouble then they collide again and tag out as Butch runs wild on Repo Man. The match breaks down and really get sloppy and disjointed then Repo Man accidentally elbow drops Demento and after that gets hit with the battering ram as the Bushwhackers pick up the win (5:28) DUD.

Thoughts: More than anything this highlighted how the Bushwhackers usefulness as even a lower card team has past its expiration date. This match really went to shit after the hot tag and it was bad before that but not as bad as I expected. This ended up being Repo Man’s last match as ironically enough per Dave Meltzer went into selling car alarms while doing some independent dates.


Tatanka vs. Reno Riggins

Tatanka chops Riggins before skying him with a back drop. Riggins catches Tatanka with a sleeper but Tatanka escapes and hits an atomic drop. Tatanka works the arm as Vince plugs the WWF hotline. Tatanka hits several hard chops in the corner but misses a crossbody. Riggins stomps away and uses a turnbuckle smash but Tatanka fires up and runs wild until the Samoan drop gets the win (3:30).

Thoughts: More hype here for the WrestleMania hotline than the Tatanka/Shawn Michaels match. Interesting to see Riggins work heel. I thought he was a solid worker but his offense as a heel was really poor.


We get a package on Andre the Giant, who is the first inductee into the WWF Hall of Fame. Good job by the company with this package and inducting him first.


Money Inc. vs. Jeff Armstrong & Scott Rich

IRS tells us not to get caught cheating on our taxes. Scorching heel heat with that line. DiBiase runs over Armstrong as the announcers talk about the Money Inc. vs. Mega Maniacs WrestleMania match. Bartlett is now shown watching other shows on TV to check out the competition as IRS beats on Rich. DiBiase tags in and hits a few chops then IRS tags and hits the Write Off clothesline for the win (3:02).

Thoughts: Money Inc. is part of the WrestleMania main event and the crowd did not care about them at all. They’re really not over enough to warrant this spot.


WrestleMania Report airs.


Doink the Clown vs. Kamala w/ Slick

Once again Doink carries a gift box to the ring. Doink tries to gift Kamala a gift then places it in the corner and cheap shots Kamala. Doink grounds Kamala as he works the arm. The announcers talk about wearing togas as Doink stays in control of the match. Kamala fights back and hits an avalanche right before the break. The match returns as Doink is once again attacking the arm. Doink gets chased outside then gives Kamala a gift and rolls back inside to beat the ten count and gets the win (5:40) 1/4*. After the match, Doink has Kamala crawl after him under the ring but Doink is swinging a chair at what he thinks is Kamala trying to come out but we see Kamala sneak behind Doink and chase him up the aisle.

Thoughts: Most of the match was Doink working an armbar and the finish was dumb.


An ad for WWF Mania airs. After that, Vince says that the world premiere of the Bret Hart “Respect” video will air this Saturday morning on Mania then teases that the Rob Bartlett Fan Club is here.


We return with the Rosetti sisters as the Bartlett fan club. He makes some crappy joke to insult them but ends up kissing one of them.


One last plug for the March to WrestleMania special that features Yokozuna vs. Randy Savage and Undertaker vs. Bam Bam Bigelow. At least that seems better than what I just watched.


Final Thoughts: Man, this was an awful edition of RAW. Bad wrestling and tame WrestleMania hype not to mention the humor we are accustom to with Bartlett. This was also the WWE Network version that omitted footage of the award show Vince was at last week. Although, the Road to WrestleMania special sounds good and that will be recapped by me this Friday. They also condensed that as an hour long show that aired next week in place of RAW, meaning the next new RAW will take place the day after WrestleMania.