Hey Scott,

Love the blog, keep up the good work!

Is it just me, or does EC3 look small in the WWE? From what I remember of him in TNA, he seemed like a big tall guy. But seeing him standing there going head to head with Ambrose, he looked almost short. I know he's not, he's listed at 6'2 or whatever, but Ambrose is listed at 6'4, which shouldn't seem all that much bigger when standing toe to toe.

Is it the goofy tights he had on or the Jersey Shore spray tan? Just curious if anyone else noticed this. Also, that match and finish was horrible, but that's a different story. 

It's the WWE curse, in that Vince hires all these guys on the basis of being super-tall and muscular because they stand out on the indy circuit, but then get to the main roster where everyone else is tall and muscular and suddenly they don't stand out anymore.