Cheesiest Lines

On the 31st anniversary of The Main Event, I am reminded of the wonderful moment when a distraught and dethroned Hulk Hogan wondered aloud to the world, “HOW MUCH MONEY DID THEY SPEND ON THE PLASTIC SURGERY, MAN???”

So that got me to thinking, what are the cheesiest lines delivered in wrestling history? There’ve been a ton of stupid things uttered in pro wrestling, but I’m emphasizing the delivery of such tripe.

It’ll take a very convincing argument for anything to top “WHERE TO, STEPHANIE??” But I am here to see who takes second place.

Vince used to deliver them on a weekly basis during the Austin feud, but he would sell them with such conviction that they went all the way around again to being awesome.  
Really, the cheesiest stuff is during the intros to these Superstars episodes on the Network, when Vince points out it's National Hamburger Week and Perfect goes on a whole thing about "Whoppers" and "Have it your way" and a million other burger-related puns that are somehow supposed to tie in with Warrior and Shango.