WWF Superstars – March 20th, 1993

March 20, 1993

From the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage


The show starts off with a Mega Maniacs music video set to “Real American.”


Money Inc. vs. Robert Thompson & Alan Reid

Before the match, IRS tells us with the new administration in the White House its time to pay our fair share as Vince says we are paying more than that. Money Inc. beats down Thompson as the announcers talk about the Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania. Reid tags in as Lawler says Hogan will be rusty after a year away from the ring then DiBiase puts Reid away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:36).

Thoughts: They are now pushing how Hogan’s ring rust could end up costing the Mega Maniacs the Tag Team Titles, which is odd considering Beefcake has wrestled once in the past three years.


We are back to the announcers as Vince alerts us that Jim Duggan has in fact decided to return to the WWF. After those vignettes I was expecting more of a reveal as to Duggan’s decision than Vince doing it in this spot.


Kamala w/ Slick vs. Jim Gorman

A few fans are shown chanting “you are a man” at Kamala then we learn that Kamala will face Bam Bam Bigelow at WrestleMania. We see an insert promo of Slick with Kamala as Slick tries to get him to say “I am a man.” Kamala beats on Gorman then puts him away with a splash after the crowd helped him turn his opponent over to make the pin (2:03).

Thoughts: Another match has been added to the WrestleMania card, although it never ended up taking place.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes Lex Luger to the interview platform. There is a mirror on the platform. Rougeau asks questions as Luger ignores him and keeps flexing into the mirror. Luger then stops to say that Mr. Perfect will not beat him at WrestleMania then we see Perfect on the video wall with his reflection in the mirror. Luger claims to be “beyond perfection” as Perfect says he cannot wait until WrestleMania to see him and comes out now. Perfect gets up onto the platform as Luger is glad as Perfect now gets a dose of what to expect at WrestleMania then puts over his own physique. However, Perfect is not impressed and wants the crowd to decide and hangs his towel on top of the mirror. Perfect then talks into the mirror and asks who is the most perfect of all and we see Perfect’s name on the towel as Perfect smiles and leaves while Luger is pissed.


Joey Maggs vs. Shawn Michaels

We get a shoving match after a fast-paced sequence then Shawn decks Maggs with a right hand. We hear from Shawn in an insert promo where he says Tatanka is destined for nothing as he stays in control of the match. Shawn drills Maggs with a super kick then plays with his hair before teasing the teardrop suplex and pushing Maggs to the mat for the win (2:08).

Thoughts: They’ve transitioned Shawn’s finisher to the super kick now as his match against Tatanka is getting a lot of hype.


We have a video package on the Headlock on Hunger with Randy Savage & Rev. Jesse Jackson. Quite the combo there.


Bob Backlund vs. Larry Ludden

The announcers talk about Backlund being 43 years old and wrestling at his first WrestleMania. Ludden rolls outside after Backlund had him in a waistlock then we hear from Razor Ramon in an insert promo calling Backlund a “college boy” before running him down. Backlund continues to work over Ludden until using a rollup for the win (2:32).

Thoughts: Hype for the lukewarm Backlund vs. Razor match as it features a guy failing in his babyface push to a guy who has been cooled off after a hot start as a heel.


We see Harvey Whippleman & Giant Gonzalez as they tell Undertaker he has finally met his match. Gonzalez keeps screaming that Undertaker is “finish.” Or maybe he meant “Finnish?”


WrestleMania IX Report with Gene Okerlund. They are now billing it as having the world’s largest toga party.


Crush is back on the beaches of Hawaii to squeeze the pineapple that resembles Doink.


Doink the Clown vs. Larry Sampson

Vince takes umbrage over Lawler saying that kids love Doink. Doink grounds Sampson then we hear from him in an insert promo saying he is going to win at WrestleMania. Doink continues to beat on Sampson then uses the stump puller for the win (1:38).

Thoughts: More hype for Doink vs. Crush at WrestleMania.


WrestleMania IX ad airs.


Next week, we will see a music video of Bret Hart. Plus, the official World Heavyweight Title match contract signing between Bret and Yokozuna.


Final Thoughts:With the PPV just two weeks away there is only so much you can do for hype but here and as we will see next week they are at least having confrontations featuring those involved in the key matches.