Bryan vs. _____ at WM

Here’s a few possibilities to face Bryan that all make sense and can all feature in very good/great mid-WM title matches: 

1) John Cena – the obvious one; he’s not in the EC, Bryan returns of SDL after and challenges his former brother in law at WM. Personal feud, would get hot build, involves Total Divas/Bella’s, Cena going for #17, checks all the boxes

2) Bray Wyatt – guy hasn’t been on TV has been tweeting about a potential return, his former cult members Rowan (and maybe Harper) have joined Bryan, he returns to join up then turns on Bryan to massive pop. 

3) Mysterio – guy keeps putting on classics with Andrade, have them have a #1 contender match at Fastlane and boom. Mask vs. Hair stip thrown in for fun, 4-star plus guaranteed

4) Andrade – same scenario as above only Andrade wins and is endorsed by babyface Rey and the new face of Lucha Libre in WWE, challenges Bryan, 4+ match a lock

5) Kevin Owens – can use the Finn Balor (I never got a rematch for Universal Title excuse, but likely can return as conquering babyface with a storyline built from last year’s Mania. He’ll have Sami there to counteract the Vegan Warriors outside. 

Which if any do you think are good choices and or probable choices?   

All interesting choices.  Realistically I think it’s Cena, or Mysterious, but they could go WAY off the grid and do Undertaker too, I suppose.