Monday Night Raw – February 4, 2019

Monday Night Raw
Date: February 4, 2019
Location: Moda Center, Portland, Oregon
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

It’s Stephanie time. Last week Becky Lynch challenged Ronda Rousey for Wrestlemania and this week Stephanie will indeed be here to add her thirty five cents to the whole thing. I’m not sure what the point of this is but I’m sure it’s to give a rub or a blessing or something to the match. Or just so she can say she was involved. Let’s get to it.

We open with Stephanie in the ring because she can’t wait any longer than that. Becky’s entrance cuts her off though, complete with a limp. Stephanie shows us a clip from last week’s showdown with Rousey, with Ronda talking about the bad knee. Back in the arena, Stephanie talks about the knee, with Becky says she’ll fight anyone and the doctors aren’t looking at her.

That’s not cool with Stephanie, who won’t let Becky compete without an examination. Becky doesn’t think Stephanie has ever struggled for a thing because she’s a daddy’s girl who was handed everything but wants to stop Becky from fighting for everything. No one is stopping her from Wrestlemania and that includes Stephanie.

That sounds like a liability to Stephanie because the knee can’t hold the match back. If Becky won’t get evaluated, she’s suspended until further notice. Stephanie does suspend her so Becky knocks her down with one punch. The knee gives out when Becky goes for the Disarm-Her so she beats up agents and goes for Stephanie again. Becky still can’t walk properly so she limps up the ramp.

Post break Becky is limping through the back when she runs into Ronda Rousey. Ronda talks about being a professional and has a pay per view to sell. What Lynch did out there didn’t help anything. Why can’t they just let Ronda snap on her instead of reading these awful lines that no human would ever use?

Ronda Rousey vs. Liv Morgan

Non-title. Liv bails to the floor to start before coming back inside, only to get thrown down again. Back in again and Liv taps to the armbar at 1:26. Barely a match.

Post match Rousey grabs the mic and says the fans are booing her so she wants someone to do something. Like Sarah Logan.

Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Logan

Non-title with Logan driving her into the corner to start, earning herself an armbar attempt as we take a break. Back with Logan countering a triangle choke and powerbombing Rousey into the corner. Rousey takes her down into an arm trap and hammers away, setting up the armbar for the tap at 4:50. Most of it was during the break but this was another dominant performance.

Post match, Ruby Riott looks up at Ronda and gets on the apron. Ronda says come on but Ruby bails instead.

In the back, Ruby says she can beat Rousey but it’s going to be for the title. Right now, her friends need her so Ronda can wait.

Bayley and Sasha Banks are ready to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles despite recent championship failures. They’ll make history at Elimination Chamber. Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross come in to say they’ll win instead.

Heavy Machinery vs. Revival vs. Lucha House Party vs. B-Team

One fall to a finish and the winners get a title shot at some point. Metalik and Dorado for the House Party here. Axel and Metalik start things off as Cole points out that the same kind of match was used on Smackdown. Dorado comes in for an armbar on Wilder, followed by a German suplex from Knight. It’s off to Otis for a spinning slam as everything breaks down.

Machinery cleans house without much effort and the House Party hits some dives. Back in and the ode to the Bushwhackers sets up a double stomach bump to Dawson. For some reason Dawson is thrown over the top instead of covered as we take a break. We come back with all four still in the match and Dawson putting Metalik in a chinlock.

That’s broken up and it’s off to Dorado for a dropsault to the Revival, followed by the double Golden Rewind. Otis tags himself in and starts cleaning house with Otis nailing the Caterpillar. Wilder breaks up the Compactor though and Dawson tags himself in, only to get rolled up by Dallas for two. Not that it matters as the Shatter Machine finishes Dallas at 11:59.

Rating: C. The match was fun with Heavy Machinery getting to shine again, though there isn’t much else to say here. I’m assuming Revival gets the titles to make them happy, but it still feels pretty slapped together. Revival doesn’t seem to belong in a four way, but at this point I think they’ll take whatever they can get.

Curt Hawkins tells Zack Ryder that they’ll be in the ring next time. Hawkins says maybe they will be if Ryder has another partner, but Ryder doesn’t want to hear that. Last week they spelled his name wrong, but they’re going to end this losing streak together. Hawkins: “Maybe then they’ll get your name right.”

Various wrestlers shake Kurt Angle’s hand.

Here’s Angle to talk about everything he’s accomplished in his career. He tore the house down with Shawn Michaels and soiled the ring with milk in one of the greatest segments in Raw history. No matter what though, he’s always had the fans to tell him he sucks. Fans: “YOU SUCK!” Angle: “Thank you….I guess.” The Three I’s have turned into Three D’s: defeat, doubt and depression. Angle has lost a lot lately and he knows he can’t beat Father Time.

This brings out Baron Corbin, who says this speech needed to take place at the Hall of Fame. Corbin calls Angle old and broken down so Angle threatens to break his ankle. This brings out Drew McIntyre to talk about Angle tapping to his own ankle lock. Tonight, Portland needs to get its cameras ready because the two of them are putting Angle down for good. The ring is surrounded but here’s Braun Strowman for the save. House is cleaned with the villains running through the crowd.

Wrestlers talk about Rosa Parks.

We look at Seth Rollins winning the Royal Rumble and then taking a beating from Brock Lesnar.

Women’s Tag Team Titles Qualifying Match: Sasha Banks/Bayley vs. Nikki Cross/Alicia Fox

Cross and Fox jump Banks on the stage until Bayley makes the save. The villains get the better of it again and Banks is still down. She was rumored to be injured so this sounds like a way to write it off. We’re joined in progress after a break with Bayley hitting a sliding lariat on Fox before it’s off to Cross. Bayley beats both of them up at the same time with a crossbody getting two on Fox.

A belly to back gets two on Fox and there’s another one to Cross. The Stunner over the middle rope drops Fox but a Cross distraction lets Fox hit an ax kick (looked like a Fameasser) for two. Cross grabs the chinlock and then gets two off a bulldog. They head outside with Banks pulling Bayley out of the way of a charge, sending Cross into the post. Back inside and Bayley rolls Fox up for the pin at 5:48.

Rating: D+. There wasn’t much that could be done here as Bayley was on her own due to Banks being injured. Bayley did her thing, which was only so good and there’s nothing wrong with that all things considered. Banks could be healed up for the Elimination Chamber and if that’s the case, everything is fine. Also, at least Fox took the pin.

We look back at Elias attacking Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie last week.

Tonight: Angle/Strowman vs. Corbin/McIntyre.

Apollo Crews is worried about Angle competing tonight. Rezar and Drake Maverick come up and tell Apollo to admit that he’s scared. Apollo makes short jokes and a match seems teased.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Elias

Roadie, in a Portland Trailblazers jersey, handles the intro, apparently making Jarrett a member of the New Age Outlaws for the night. Jeff does his intro but Roadie wants to finish last week’s song. I love With My Baby Tonight so I can’t complain too much. Elias finally cuts them off to say that song hasn’t aged well. Elias wants to show us what a real entertainer can do so Jarrett channels Razor Ramon by telling Elias to bring it. The fight is on outside and we take an early break.

Back with Elias punching away but Jeff gets in his own right hands. Elias’ jumping knee to the face gets two and we hit the chinlock. A suplex sets up another chinlock but Elias needs to go after Roadie instead. Jeff slugs away for a breather and we get the strut into an enziguri. Roadie gets knocked down again, setting up Drift Away for the pin on Jarrett at 7:50.

Rating: D-. I’m still not sure what the point of this was and I don’t think WWE does either. At least they went with this in a relatively short match on Raw instead of on a pay per view, but it’s not like there was much o a demand here. At least Elias won and they didn’t do something a lot dumber like having Jarrett win or knock him silly. Bad match of course, but why expect something else?

Post match Roadie jumps Elias for a distraction so Jarrett can guitar him down.

Dana Brooke apologizes to Natalya but starts yelling, eventually setting up a match for next week. Natalya had her headphones in and didn’t hear a thing. Uh, funny I guess.

We recap the opening sequence.

Finn Balor says the Irish are stubborn by nature and he’s not going to be held down by a bully like Lashley. He’ll take the fight to Lashley, just like he did to Brock Lesnar.

Intercontinental Title: Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley is defending. Actually hang on a second as Rush is in gear and Lashley has a microphone. Balor is banged up so we’re not seeing a mouse vs. a Mack truck tonight. Lashley brings up Balor losing last week because he can beat Lesnar in a ring, an octagon or in his sleep. Balor needs to find someone closer to his size so tonight he has Lio Rush. If Balor entertains him enough, we might have a title match later.

Finn Balor vs. Lio Rush

Before the match, Lashley kicks him in the bad ribs and drives some shoulders into the ribs in the corner. Rush is fine with the advantage and stomps away in the corner to start. Balor fights back and sends Rush outside, only to have Lashley grab the foot. That’s enough for an ejection, only to have Rush hit a suicide dive to send Balor into the barricade. Back from a break with Rush holding an abdominal stretch, which doesn’t last all that long. Balor knees him in the face for the break and scores with an enziguri.

It’s too early for the Coup de Grace though as Rush crotches him on top for a super hurricanrana into a near fall. Something like another abdominal stretch is reversed into the real thing from Balor. It’s so strange to see Balor as the bigger and stronger guy. The Sling Blade drops Rush again but the ribs give out on the 1916 attempt. Rush misses the Final Hour though and it’s the Coup de Grace for the pin at 8:57.

Rating: C-. Not too bad here and another great reason to have people like Rush as managers and talkers: you can throw them in there to work a match every now and then and it’s not like anything is going to be lost. Rush is a regular wrestler and not a manager who can do some moves, meaning you can do this and be just fine. Balor vs. Lashley at Elimination Chamber should work, especially if Balor finally wins a title.

Post match Lashley hits the ring so Balor bails.

Here’s Paige to introduce a clip from Fighting With My Family.

It’s time for a Moment Of Bliss with special guest EC3. Bliss certainly seems impressed with EC3 and gets straight to the big question: Raw or Smackdown? Before he can say anything though, it’s Nia Jax and Tamina interrupting because……someone help me out here. She says no one cares about the answer or this weird dating show they have going on. We should talk about Nia’s amazing week where she broke boundaries by entering the Royal Rumble (which was last week with boundaries that had already been broken) or when the two of them qualified for the Elimination Chamber.

Maybe she’ll fill in for Lynch at Wrestlemania next. Cue Dean Ambrose (Jax: “How dare you interrupt my interrupt.”) to say it’s obvious that Jax has a huge crush on me. Renee: “Oh.” She’s not the first person to deal with his raw animal magnetism but don’t ever come near him again.

As for Alexa, who is this EC3 guy? Before EC3 can say anything, Dean knocks the mic out of his hand and then won’t let EC3 answer any questions? Dean: “Where are EC1 and EC2? You look like a Creed fan. Why do you hang out backstage like some mute Chippendale dancer?” EC3 punches him in the face (Renee: “I’m going to have to work on those interview skills with him.”) and walks to the ring.

EC3 vs. Dean Ambrose

EC3 hits a quick right hand and drops the EC3 elbow but Dean takes over in a hurry. We hit the chinlock but Dean breaks it up in a hurry and hits his forward DDT. A quick jackknife cover (with Dean pretty much just laying there) gives EC3 the pin at 2:27.

Angle almost didn’t bring his gear tonight but something told him to. He’s not fighting alone tonight and he’s glad Strowman is on his team.

Mojo Rawley laughs in a mirror and still seems crazy. It’s all on us now.

Kurt Angle/Braun Strowman vs. Drew McIntyre/Baron Corbin

Angle German suplexes Corbin early on and it’s Strowman running McIntyre over on the floor. That leaves Angle to grab the ankle lock on Corbin, who kicks away pretty easily. Back from a break with Angle in trouble as Corbin slaps on a chinlock. Angle fights back with some right hands and a whip into the corner but Corbin slides underneath the ropes while tagging out at the same time.

That’s enough for Drew to come in and kick Angle in the back of the head to keep the good guys in trouble. Drew hits an Angle Slam of his own and the ankle lock goes on. That’s rolled through and Angle runs over for the tag to Strowman. House is cleaned in a hurry but Corbin avoids a charge to send Strowman outside, meaning it’s a ram into the post.

Back in and Strowman fights up without much effort and tries a double suplex. It’s only a suplex to McIntyre though as Corbin gets more of a neckbreaker. The next hot tag brings in Angle for the German suplexes as everything breaks down. Strowman, illegal, beats up Corbin….and that’s a DQ at 12:14. I do appreciate those random enforcements of various rules.

Rating: D+. Remember when McIntyre was supposed to be getting a huge push? This is far from the worst thing in the world for him to be doing but it’s also not exactly thrilling. Angle is pretty clearly wrapping up his in-ring career which is a good thing, though it’s still not easy to watch him wrestle like this when he’s so far past his prime.

Post match Strowman runs Corbin over but walks into a Claymore over the barricade. The steps are thrown inside but Strowman gets back in for the save with a chokeslam onto the steps for both of them.

Overall Rating: D. I’m not sure if WWE realizes this, but we’re less than two weeks away from Elimination Chamber and there are three matches made, with zero of them coming from Raw (one has Raw wrestlers involved, but it’s co-branded). This felt like any given show but you would think they could add in a match or two instead of having everything done next week. So much of this came off as filler and that’s not a good sign two weeks from a pay per view and two months from Wrestlemania.


Ronda Rousey b. Liv Morgan – Armbar

Ronda Rousey b. Sarah Logan – Armbar

Revival b. B-Team, Heavy Machinery and Lucha House Party – Shatter Machine to Dallas

Bayley/Sasha Banks b. Alicia Fox/Nikki Cross – Rollup to Cross

Elias b. Jeff Jarrett – Drift Away

Finn Balor b. Lio Rush – Coup de Grace

EC3 b. Dean Ambrose – Rollup

Drew McIntyre/Baron Corbin b. Kurt Angle/Braun Strowman via DQ when Strowman attacked Corbin

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