Mid-South Wrestling – April 5th, 1984

April 5, 1984

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross

This week, we have the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express vs. Butch Reed & Buddy Landel, Jim Duggan vs. Russian Invader, and the Midnight Express are also in action.


Mr. Wrestling vs. Joe Savoldi

After last week, Mr. Wrestling II is now just “Mr. Wrestling.” Savoldi grabs a headlock after a pair of arm drags as Mr. Wrestling is pissed. Mr. Wrestling works a headscissors on the mat but Savoldi is able to escape. Savoldi catches Mr. Wrestling with a hip toss but soon after that Mr. Wrestling punches Savolid then uses a front facelock on the mat for a bit. Savoldi escapes and fires away but Mr. Wrestling cuts him off with a kick then hits a slam and a back drop before using the power knee lift for the win (5:27) 1/2*.

Thoughts: An incredibly dull and unimpressive way to showcase your territory’s champion. At least Mr. Wrestling’s feud against Magnum TA was hot because he has nothing in the ring


Jeff Young & Mike Jackson vs. Midnight Express w/ Jim Cornette

Young catches Eaton with a pair of dropkicks then uses an arm drag as he showed off some agility. Jackson tags in and almost puts Eaton away with a small package then hits an arm drag as the fans are really into seeing the Midnight Express getting worked over. Young is back in but Eaton makes a blind tag then the Midnights use a double-team backbreaker. Condrey stretches out Young then the Midnights continue to cut the ring in half. Eaton hits a flying elbow drop then Condrey drops Young on the ropes. Eaton is back in and tosses Young to his partner as Jackson slingshots in with a dropkick and has a brief flurry but is cut off then Condrey hits a super powerslam for the win (4:17) **1/4.

Thoughts: Really fun squash match. Never heard of Young before but he was athletic with a nice dropkick and Jackson was always a great enhancement talent. Lots of fun and the crowd was really into seeing the Midnight Express taking offense, which is a great sign that you’re over as a heel act.


John King vs. Terry Taylor

Taylor grounds King as Ross mentions Taylor talked to him today and how he is sore after getting attacked by Reed last week. King shoves Taylor down but Taylor fights back and works the arm. Ross plugs Taylor vs. Kruschev next week in the TV Tournament Finals as Taylor still works the arm. King yanks Taylor’s hair then slugs away in the corner but runs into a punch then Taylor hits a jumping back elbow smash and a slam. Taylor follows with a backbreaker then uses a flying forearm for the win (2:58).

Thoughts: A win for Taylor to showcase him for next week’s TV Tournament Finals. He has been quite impressive so far in this run.


“Hacksaw” Butch Reed & “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel vs. Rock ‘N’ Roll Express

The fans go mental for the RnR. Reed & Landel attack before the bell but the RnR fight back. The bell rings as Gibson and Landel work a few fast-paced sequences with the former getting the advantage. Morton is in and works a side headlock on the mat. Reed comes in as Morton uses his speed to stay in control and fight off both men. We now see Cornette sitting in a chair at ringside taking notes as Gibson is back in the match. Ross notes that the RnR must be the #1 contenders as the RnR are still in control of the match. Reed catches Morton with a dropkick after Landel ran interference then stomps away as the fans cheer for Morton. Reed & Landel neutralize Morton then Morton fights back and knocks Landel down as the females in attendance are going crazy. Reed tags in and roughs up Morton then Morton kicks out of an assisted vertical suplex, prompting the crowd to chant “go, Ricky, go.” Reed hits a press slam then presses Landel on top of Morton but that only gets two. Landel is pissed and stomps away then the match breaks down. Cornette low-bridges Gibson as Gibson hits his head on the floor but back inside we see Morton break up a double back drop and almost put Landel away with a small package. Morton leapfrogs Landel but Reed, who had put something on his hands, punches Morton then covers for the win (7:39) ***1/4.

Thoughts: This was one hell of a TV tag match and the crowd was electric. The RnR were so crisp and even more over with the fans. This is the first time we really got to see Morton sell in the manner that made him famous. And, this was the first time we really got to hear Ross on commentary sink his teeth into calling the match. He did a great job describing the action


Russian Invader vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

We get some brawling right after the bell as Pierce tells us that Duggan loves America. Yeah, no shit. Invader lands some knee smashes against the ropes then a scoop slam before targeting the back and neck. Duggan fights back and hits a clothesline before putting the Invader away with a spear (2:15).

Thoughts: The Invader got demolished in his first match so this character does not seem like it will be here for the long haul. Duggan remains insanely over with the fans.


Nikolai Volkoff & Masao Ito vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo & George Weingeroff

Volkoff sings the Russian National Anthem before the match. Poffo grabs a side headlock as the announcers talk about Volkoff wanting to beat all American wrestlers. Ross puts over the RnR vs. Landel & Reed match as Ito tags in and slams Poffo. Ito stomps away on Poffo then Weingeroff tags in and puts Ito in an abdominal stretch but Volkoff runs in behind the ref’s back and kicks Weingeroff in the head then Ito covers for the win (2:58).

Thoughts: More evil foreigner heel stuff here with Volkoff and now Ito. Poffo is now jobbing all the way down the card.


Bob Owens vs. Magnum TA

Owens is a journeyman enhancement talent. He jumps Magnum before the bell and stays on the attack. Magnum fights back and uses a back drop and a dropkick before catching Owens with a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (1:27).

Thoughts: An easy win for Magnum to keep him on TV for his feud against Mr. Wrestling.


We now get a Joel Watts directed music video of a show in Louisiana set to “Hey Lord” by Billy Joel. Clips of a Terry Taylor vs. Nikolai Volkoff match was shown.


The show closes with Ross saying he hopes to see what Cornette gave to Reed that cost the RnR today’s match. And that we will get a report on Robert Gibson next week. Pierce then plugs the TV Tournament Finals.


Final Thoughts: Another awesome show. The RnR tag match was really damn good and this show was more wrestling based as opposed to last week’s angle-heavy program. I really like the contrast and this show highlighted Ross’s ability to get a match over on commentary. Mid-South continues to excel.