Like rats abandoning a sinking ship…

It seems like everyone is jumping ship. Obviously, not everyone is going to end up in AEW. However, with the list of options right now being AEW, ROH, Impact, NJPW, Mexico or the indies (MLW/Evolve/WWN/whatever hasn't been swallowed up yet), and all the
rumours of the WWE wanting to run a tiered network, do you think all these wrestlers leaving WWE will cause Vince to panic-buy every promotion he can get his hands on? Obviously, NJPW would laugh at him. ROH and Sinclair probably tell him to buzz off. But,
I can see Impact selling off the tape library and broadcast rights if Vince puts enough zeroes on the check. Evolve already has a working relationship with WWE. If WWN or Highspots gets the right offer, I can see them selling off broadcast rights. I can see
some Mexican promotion selling off American/World broadcast rights to WWE for the exposure for the right amount of money. And AEW, he can probably wait out to see what happens… they may yet come crawling to him.

The other side of the coin, of course, is Vince actually takes these defections to heart, realizes maybe it's time to step down, and lets Hunter take over, which brings its own set of ideas for another post.

What think you?

I don't feel like Hideo Itami going back to Japan and Dean Ambrose letting his contract expire constitutes "everyone is jumping ship".  That being said, Vince has pretty openly been trying to monopolize the business in the UK by buying up all the uncontracted talent, as well as stocking NXT with all the indy guys he doesn't need.  I wouldn't be surprised to see groups like EVOLVE or one of the smaller Mexican and/or Japanese promotions taking the deal and broadcasting on Network 2.0.