Hope it’s warmer there! In my neck of Canada we’re into the minus teens so that’s not bad.

I’m wanting to jump into the Sting/Vader feud and just looking for a quick and dirty guide to what matches or shows to check out. Any help would be appreciated!

Keep doing the lord’s work.

It's pretty fucking miserable here this weekend, my lad!  Snowing and blowing.  All things considered I'd like to just hibernate like a bear.

Anyway, the WWE Network has a wide variety of great Sting-Vader matches to check out, but the main ones are Great American Bash 92 (Vader wins the title from Sting), Starrcade 92 (King of Cable tournament finals), Superbrawl III (WHITE CASTLE OF FEAR strap match) and Slamboree 94 (International World title match).  They also did a "triangle" match with Big Boss Bubba Guardian Angel at Fall Brawl 94 but that's considered a lesser one.  Either way, just hit the Network and there's a Sting collection and a Vader collection and all the matches are in both collections last I checked.