The 2000s UK “PPVs”

Hey Scott,

From like 1999 to 2003, WWE was running PPVs in the UK, where nothing much happened and, outside of a Euro title change or something, basically nothing was even remembered at the next TV.

I have 2  questions:

1. What was the story behind these events? More specifically, why did they make these shows so mediocre? They were like a combination of the worst elements Raw and PPVs; none of the storylines of Raw with none of the workrate and effort of a PPV. Why not really go all out at these events and/or make them matter? I get that they weren't being shown in the US but that just begs the question: WHY? You're already doing an event that's basically a PPV and you know the content-starved UK is going to be hot for everything you do. Why not actually show the event on PPV for the US crowd, add an extra revenue stream off the event and make the UK feel make they actually mean something.

2. Why did they stop? I know it seems like I just answered my own question with Q1 but, like I said, the UK was definitely hot for these events (They popped for X-PAC/BRADSHAW!). These seem like they were basically Crown Jewel events without the controversy. I know, they weren't getting $50M for these things but still, it was easy money and wouldn't derail their whole "Women's Revolutions".

I wanna say those things were based on some kind of incentive-based deal with Sky TV, but I'm far from an expert on the matters of UK and I could just be taking the bollocks from my apples and pears, or whatever wacky phasing is used over there.  I'll leave it to someone who actually lives there.