Do we still need to get the F out?

What exactly is the deal with usage of the letters "WWF"?  I would assume that WWE can't explicitly advertise it or use it in its promotional material, but at this point every variation of the logo and the verbal use of "WWF" seems untouched on archived material.

I'm specifically curious because Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins make such a point about not being able to say it on their podcast.  Are they right?  Is it just a joke?  Have they misunderstood the law?  I just can't imagine that two guys who are talking on a podcast unaffiliated with WWE (although they work there) are not allowed to say "WWF" in conversation when they are referring to the company during that time period.  I certainly feel like I've heard it on other wrestling podcasts.

Any insight?

I'm sure they're just joking around.  The lawsuit was centered around the company itself producing promotional materials with the "WWF" name, not individual people using that name.