But The WWF Doesn’t Do Death, Right?

Hey Scott—

You inspired me to roll with the 1992 episodes of Superstars, and as June turns to July, Vince and Perfect are constantly harping on how Berseker is going to run Undertaker through with a fucking broadsword.

I know your “WWF doesn’t do death angles” joke came about in the attitude era, but great googly moogly, here we are five years prior, and the main focus of this feud is attempted murder with a medieval weapon.

What were the house show matches like? Besides negative-three stars, of course. 

Sadly we were never subjected to that abomination in Western Canada at the time, but check this out and try not to shat your pantaloons in terror: The main event of the Toronto show in July was Ultimate Warrior and Undertaker vs Berzerker and Papa Shango, according to cagematch.net.  Great googly moogly indeed!