The Friday Night Thread

Tonight!  I’m actually off to the WWE RAW house show here in Saskatoon, and I bet it’s gonna be a shock to the Florida-residing wrestlers who step off the plane to this miserable snow-pile of a city.  Main event is apparently now Lashley defending the IC title against Seth Rollins, with Dean Ambrose bounced from the show completely, and I have no idea what the rest of the card looks like.  But I’d bet on seeing a Baron Corbin v. Elias match.  Or at the very least Baron Corbin in some form.  And of course, full rant tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is the Worlds Collide tournament on the WWE Network, which unfortunately was spoiled by social media despite my best efforts.  Regardless, I’ll have a rant up on Sunday morning for that.  And then of course, Sunday is Halftime Heat and then whatever is going on opposite on the other channel.

Have a great weekend, and stay warm!