Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The Royal Rumble happened on Sunday and of course there are reviews here and here. NXT Takeover happened Saturday with a review here.

My reviews will be much shorter. I thought Takeover was tremendous. I feel the same anticipation for a Johnny Gargano “PPV” match the way I felt about a Shawn Michaels match in the mid-90s through his first retirement. I just have to see them because they never disappoint. And I love the depth he’s added to the turn of the character. The tag match were great. Strong and O’Reilly are a joy to watch. I can’t see much for them until the main rosters focus on tags more. Strong had some great matches in 205 but Adam Cole seems like the only guy of the Undisputed Era that might have a shot on the main roster as it’s currently constructed. The War Raiders were great too. They really did everything they had to do to win over that crowd and as a I fan I can appreciate that.

The Rumble was all right. Becky-Asuka was really good and I’m all right with Becky losing because it set up a win later and Asuka stayed strong, like she should be. Sasha-Ronda and Finn-Brock were entertaining enough. The Women’s Rumble was poorly planned and poorly worked. They had better options than having Natalya and Lacey Evans go long, last year Sasha and Becky were the first in and it showed with much better pace to the match. Charlotte was disappointing as well, she should have been booked stronger in the match to make the final elimination a little more dramatic. I don’t understand why they wasted Bayley for the second year. With Sasha and Becky occupied this should have been her year to go 45-50 minutes. Men’s Rumble was better but just fell flat at the end. Wasn’t much to the closing sequence.

Tonight is Super Bowl LIII Opening Night. Two NHL games and five in the NBA. There’s Celebrity Big Brother, The Bachelor, etc. etc. for non-sports TV.

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