Your Playstation 4 year By The Numbers

It’s the 6th-place Doomie Poster of the Year, Bonzai!
Since we all love a good “By The Numbers” during Rumble season, I just became aware of a link on the PlayStation site that will wrap up a player’s 2018 by the numbers. Since I know we have a bunch of gaming otters on the blog, thought it’d be fun to have a post to share them. 

All one has to do to find their info is go to and login with their PSN credentials, and the site will gin up your stats
This is what I got, which also was a stark reminder I play way too much MLB The Show
47 games played
MLB The Show 18 (321 hours!)
Overwatch (69 hours, nice)
NBA 2K19 (61 hours)
Top Genre – Sports (8 games, 16 trophies), FPS
1270 hours
Longest session: 10 hours
232 days
1197 hours locally
72 hours online
267 trophies (1 plat, 15 gold, 33 silver, 218 bronze)
6 free PS+ games
$87.99 saved
Prime night: Monday
Prime time of day: Late night
Interesting!  Apparently I only played 7 hours of Spider-Man in 2018, which makes sense because I literally started it on the 30th.  I just finished the game last night and I can safely say I’ve put 100 hours in over January.  Mostly I play Xbox so overall I only have 3 games listed on PSN for this.
I’m of course RSPWFAQ on both systems, and Nintendo, for anyone who wants to add me.