Return of the Demon

Would you bring back the demon character for Balor/Lesnar, or is it just such a foregone conclusion that he's going to be squashed that it's better to protect that character for the future than to make this match seem like anything special to Finn?  

I've always assumed we would see the demon again when Balor got a shot at the title on a major PPV.  The fact that we haven't heard even a  whisper about this from Finn or the announcers probably tells you everything you need to know about how this is going to go.
Yeah, I wouldn't waste the Demon on this match.  You can always do a rematch I suppose where Finn decides to go full Demon in a desperate attempt to beat him, but now isn't the time for it.  So watch them have him do the character and get squashed at the Rumble anyway.