The art of taunting

It was interesting and kind of refreshing to hear you singing Buff Bagwell's praises a bit in your Nitro rant. I guess I had weird friends, but when we were in junior high, Bagwell and Chris Jericho were by far the most over wrestlers in our group. We were mostly in our infancy as wrestling fans at that point, but got a massive kick out of those guys' signature taunts. Buff with his little dance/skip into the kneeling flex with that stupid grin on his face, and Jericho with his awesome march into the ARROGANT COVER~! 

Which got me thinking, where have all the cool, over the top taunts gone? The best I can think of is Bobby Roode's glorious taunt, and you could make a case for the taunt and his music being the reasons he is (was?) over. Considering that wrestlers apparently have so little control over their promos these days, you'd think that some of the heels would throw more obnoxious mannerisms out there in an effort to make themselves a bit more memorable. Are signature taunts just a lost art? 

To be fair, Randy Orton has awesome ones.  And Nakamura is basically nothing but heel taunts these days.