Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – August 29th, 1992



– Last week on SMW TV… The saga surrounding Brian Lee continues, as we found out there’s a $10,000 bounty on his head, as well as a second attack from the mysterious (and yet to be named) Mongolian Mauler… Jim Cornette offered $10,000 of his mama’s cash for the Fantastics to give them their rematch ASAP, but was turned down… Paul Orndorff and Ronnie Garvin wrestled another non-finish with the Piledriver as the center-piece of the match….The Dirty White Boy is offering a title shot to anyone who wants one, except Tim Horner, because he doesn’t deserve it, obviously… The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and Stud Stable are on a collision course and scheduled to meet this week.

– Taped from the Avery County High School in Newland, NC, with Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell calling the action, unless otherwise noted. This week, we’ll see The Fantastics and Killer Kyle in action. We’ll have an update on the price put on Brian Lee’s head, a title defense from the Dirty White Boy, and the Main Event of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express taking on the Stud Stable of Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden. Also, this week on Down & Dirty with Dutch, it’s the contract signing between The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies, and we’ll find out what Jim Cornette had to put up to get the Fantastics to agree to the match.


– The Fantastics vs. Paul Lee & Mike Sampson:
1st in-ring TV appearance of the Fantastics since winning the Tag Team Titles at “Fire on the Mountain.” Bobby Fulton starts with Lee, grabbing a side headlock. Lee plays chicken-sh*t heel in the corner, refusing to engage in action. Whip to the corner, Lee gets flipped to the apron and brought back in via sling-shot. Bobby uses Lee to back-drop an in-coming Sampson and takes them both over with a combined headlock and head-scissors. Jackie comes in to help as we get a pair of monkey flips out of the corner. Lee gets a few shots in on Jackie before being taken over with a back drop. Whip and Bobby surprises Lee with a sleeper, called the “Oriental Sleeper” by Dutch, and that finishes it at 2:31. Bobby makes sure to wake Lee up afterwards. I know we’re supposed to be soldiering on like the old territory days, but the “wake someone up from a sleeper” spot can stay in the 70’s.


– Highlights of last week’s Main Event between Ronnie Garvin and Paul Orndorff. As expected, there wasn’t a decisive finish. I’m not known for the best memory, but I can’t recall Orndorff doing any pin-fall jobs in SMW (Update: Looking through the results, he indeed has only lost by DQ on TV, and only did a handful of jobs by pin-fall to Brian Lee at live events).


– Bob Caudle is standing by with Ronnie Garvin. He repeats his promo from last week, talking about being a “weekend warrior”, who’s only working part-time. He came to SMW to be Brian Lee’s partner at the request of the fans, and he expected it to be a one-night spot. Paul Orndorff has stretched things out of proportion. Garvin says he’s a former World Champion and he’s beaten guys like Andre the Giant. He doesn’t respect Orndorff trying to cripple him with a piledriver. Garvin says he was giving people the piledriver before Orndorff dreamed of it, and he promises to piledrive Orndorff and he won’t be able to get off the mat. Paul Orndorff storms the set, sweating bullets, challenging Garvin to fight whenever he wants. Officials keep them separated as Garvin tells him to not get him mad, because he’ll lose it completely.


– Highlights of Brian Lee being attacked by the (yet-to-be-identified) Mongolian Mauler at Fire on the Mountain and last week on SMW TV. Brian Lee and Bob Armstrong are standing by, with Armstrong saying the bounty posters are all over the place. Brian Lee tears one up, and says he’s going to tear up anyone that gets in his face. If he goes down, he’s taking someone out with him.


– Phil Raney hypes an upcoming card on September 6th in Beckley, WV. The Batten Twins in action, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express take on the Stud Stable in a “Stretcher Match”, Paul Orndorff battles Ronnie Garvin in a match with TWO referees, and a Six-Man Tag between Brian Lee, Tim Horner, and Dixie Dy-No-Mite against the Heavenly Bodies and Killer Kyle.


– Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Tommy Angel:
Hey, we’ve seen Kyle squash Angel already (the June 13th episode, to be exact)! I guess this is fresh since Kyle is now managed by Cornette. Within seconds of his debut, Kyle seemed like a spiritual successor to “Big Bubba Rogers”, minus protecting him as much, so it makes plenty of sense to put him with Cornette. Lockup into the ropes and Kyle nails Angel with a body blow. Kyle with a headbutt, followed by choking. He no-sells Angel’s offense and boots his head into the third row. He scoops Angel up and plants him with a side slam as Dutch accuses Tim Horner of putting the hit on Lee, because people from East Tennessee are low-lives. Kyle with a press slam, teasing tossing Angel over the top rope. Kyle no-sells a shoulder thrust and connects with a back breaker. Every time he covers, he pulls Angel up. Whip to the corner and Kyle misses a charge. More no-selling from Kyle, and he plants Angel with a spine-buster. Kyle hooks Angel from behind with a REVERSE BEAR-HUG, and Angel passes out at 3:52. Caudle and Dutch put over the technique, but it looked more like the Heimlich maneuver being performed. He applies the hold again until Dixie Dy-No-Mite makes the save, whacking him with a chair. Kyle no-sells. Dixie gives him a head-shot, and Kyle no-sells that, too. That new finisher isn’t the most exciting, but it finally feels like they’re getting behind pushing Kyle as the muscle he should’ve been since the first show.  This looks like Angel’s last appearance for SMW, and I never got to work in a “Johnny Angel” reference.


– Bob Caudle is standing by with Mr. Ron Wright and the SMW Heavyweight Champion, the Dirty White Boy. Wright says there’s so many people getting on their knees begging for a title match, but no one is truly deserving of a title opportunity. They’ve written the names of all these men on a piece of paper and will draw a name from a hat to determine his next challenger. He drops the names in Dutch’s hat and makes his selection… “Nitro” Danny Davis.


“Down & Dirty with Dutch” with the VERY SPECIAL contract signing between The Fantastics and The Heavenly Bodies. Cornette has put up $20,000 against the Tag Team Titles. Bobby Fulton tells them they’re low-life scum and would whoop them for free, but for $20,000, they’ll gladly do it at the expense of Mama Cornette. Bob Armstrong rejects a check, only accepting cash. Cornette tells Bobby to not bring his mother into this. Cornette demands that his $20,000 goes to the winner, and there will be no Disqualification called under any circumstances. Bobby notes the cheating habits of Cornette’s men while Cornette plays the imaginary violin. Armstrong says it’ll be no Time Limit, no DQ, but the tennis racket will be barred from ringside. Cornette rejects the offer, but there won’t be a match without that stipulation, leading to Cornette reluctantly signing the contract.


– SMW Heavyweight Championship Match:
The Dirty White Boy (c) (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. “Nitro” Danny Davis:
Poor Tim Horner continues to be shunned for less qualified challengers. I honestly believe Davis is lower on the depth chart than Dixie Dy-No-Mite, White Boy’s first challenger to the title. White Boy hides in the ropes early. Lockup and they jockey for position until Davis applied a head-scissors. Lockup to the corner and the White Boy unloads with rights. Whip across the ring and Davis comes back with a twisting body press for two. He takes White Boy over into an arm-bar, but the White Boy quickly bails to the floor for a conference with Wright. Back inside, they do a knuckle-lock as Tim Horner joins the broadcast position. Dutch does his usual double-talk, kissing up to him after dogging him for the last few minutes. Davis with a sunset flip for two. Small package for two. He unloads with rights and connects with a hangman’s neck breaker for two. Wright passes something to the White Boy while the referee admonishes Davis. He decks Davis with a loaded right hand and that knocks him out for three at 4:16. Tim Horner immediately runs into the ring, ready to fight, but the White Boy bails. The White Boy and Wright combo continues to pay dividends, but I wouldn’t mind them making the White Boy look a little stronger in these matches.


– The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden:
TV Main Event, and a rematch from “Fire on the Mountain”, where the RNR Express picked up the victory, but were left laying in the aftermath. All four men brawl, with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express sending the Stub Stable to the floor to rethink their strategy. While we wait for the action to resume, Caudle calls Dutch out for licking boot with Horner during the last match. Back inside, Gibson takes over both men with hip tosses. Golden and Fuller get whipped into the corner, collapsing into each other. Morton gets a blind tag and tags Golden with a dropkick for two. Gibson and Morton take turns going for covers until the referee finally rejects it when both cover Golden at the same time. Fuller with a knee to the back of Morton and Golden takes him over with a suplex for two. Fuller lays in with a series of right hands. Golden knocks Gibson off the apron and hits Morton with a knee lift for two. Golden slaps on a bear-hug, setting up Morton to make the tag that the referee conveniently misses. Fuller tosses Morton over the top rope while Golden distracts the referee. Golden tosses him back in the ring, with Fuller hitting him with a spine-buster for two. Golden meets a boot charging into the corner, allowing Morton to hot tag Gibson. He sends Gibson to the ropes and hits a running knee lift. The referee gets shoved during the melee, as all four men brawl again. The action spills to the floor as the bell rings at 6:44. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express stand tall, but the ruling is a Double DQ. Perfectly fine action until another non-finish. **1/4


– Phil Raney hypes the September 6th card in Beckley, WV.


– Bob Caudle gets a post-match interview from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Things are far from over between them and the Stud Stable. Morton says they might be small, but their hearts are as big as the outdoors. Rock ‘n’ Roll is here to stay, and they’re not here to play.


Next Week: The Fantastics defend the Tag Team Titles against The Heavenly Bodies, with $20,000 of Mama Cornette’s money going to the winner!


Final Thoughts: The contract is signed and next week we’re getting the next chapter of the rivalry between The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies. With the deck stacked, one should assume some shenanigans will take place. The Dirty White Boy continues to be a fighting Champion, but he’s fighting guys who are hardly considered top contenders. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and Stud Stable continue to go to war, leaving the door open for another encounter in their rivalry. Tempers heated up in a confrontation between Ronnie Garvin and Paul Orndorff, and Killer Kyle was given a little shine squashing Tommy Angel. Overall, a solid episode, but it feels like we need to blow off at least one of these storylines to freshen some people up.