WWF Wrestling Challenge – February 28th, 1993

February 28, 1993

From the Fresno Convention Center in Fresno, CA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan, who talk about the return of Hogan like its the biggest news of the year.

This week in action are Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect, The Bushwhackers, and Kamala. Plus, the entire Hulk Hogan interview from “Monday Night RAW” and more!


Shawn Michaels vs. Bob Young

The announcers talk about Tatanka pinning Michaels twice in the past two weeks. We then hear from Sensational Sherri in an insert promo calling out Shawn for not caring about anything but the Intercontinental Title and that he is not man enough to hold on to the belt. Shawn beats on Young and catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex as Gorilla wants to know if Sherri will appear at WrestleMania IX, causing Heenan to go off and say “if you can figure out a woman then you need to be in a straight jacket.” Shawn smirks while laying on the mat before hitting a pair of super kicks then Shawn elects to shove Young down instead of going for the teardrop suplex and gets the win (2:16).

Thoughts: More hype for the Shawn/Tatanka match at WrestleMania and Sherri is still around as she will stand behind anyone facing Shawn.


Gorilla plugs the “Headlock on Hunger” benefit.


WrestleMania Report airs.


The Bushwhackers vs. The Intruder & Casey Cleric

The Intruder is Jesse Hernandez under a mask. And he has gained quite a bit of weight since his last appearance. The Bushwhackers are wearing the Headlock on Hunger benefit t-shirts as they work over Cleric to start. The announcers talk about various WrestleMania matches then The Bushwhackers put The Intruder away with the battering ram (3:48).

Thoughts: Since The Bushwhackers are lower card faces without direction they get to play the role of company ambassadors. The announcers talked about the WrestleMania card for most of the match.


Mr. Perfect vs. Gary Key

Heenan takes credit for Mr. Perfect being a two-time Intercontinental Champion then promises Luger will beat him quickly at WrestleMania. Perfect chops Key over the top rope as the announcers talk about Luger. Perfect hits Key with his neck snap and hits a chop before the Perfect Plex gets the win (2:53).

Thoughts: Lots of hype for Perfect/Luger with Heenan getting in as much shots as he can at his former client.


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs. Scott Bazo & Allen Reed

The Headshrinkers beat on Reed as the announcers talk about the Headshrinkers vs. Steiners match at WrestleMania. The camera shows Afa yelling as his team stays in control. Fatu takes Bazo off of the apron with a thrust kick then Fatu uses a top rope splash for the win (2:50).

Thoughts: Another impressive win for The Headshrinkers as the announcers played them up as future #1 Tag Title contenders.


We get a replay of Jim Duggan’s dad calling into “Superstars” to say he wants his son back in the ring.


Hogan’s interview from RAW is shown.


Kamala w/ Slick vs. Ed Moretti

Kamala beats on Moretti and sticks his fingers down his throat. We then hear from Slick in an insert promo thanking the fans for accepting Kamala and soon after that Kamala hits a splash for the win after the fans “assisted” Kamala in turning Moretti over (1:50).

Thoughts: This Slick & Kamala pairing is really awful. I mean they tried cutting to different sections of the crowd to get cheers but no one cares. This Kamala turn has been a flop.


Next week in action are Doink the Clown, Steiner Brothers, Lex Luger, and Yokozuna. Plus, an interview with The Undertaker and more!


Final Thoughts: Just some squashes matches here with nothing else in terms of exclusive content as this is an even less eventful episode of Challenge than usual.