Smackdown blues

Stupid question:

So most of WWE's current shows are represented by one main color. Raw is red, Smackdown is blue, NXT is yellow, 205 is purple, and even older shows like Heat and Velocity had their one distinctive color (orange and  green, respectively).

Is Smackdown's color scheme hurting it? (I know, billion-dollar Fox deal, don't change anything, but humor me here.)

Raw has always used red as its main color, and red obviously evokes blood, and thus a sense of energy and urgency. Blue is a more serene, calming color, and I wonder if that's part of the reason Smackdown often feels like a less engaging show, regardless of the quality of the wrestling, storylines, etc.? 

Why does Smackdown have to be blue?

Look, I'm sure Chief Branding Officer Stephanie has a great reason that we're all too dumb to understand. Maybe someone was really into Eiffel 65 in the 90s.