Hall Of Fame Class of 2019

Hi Scott, as we're a week away from the Rumble, it's time to start speculating about who will be in the WWE Hall Of Fame class of 2019. My predictions

Kane:    Now that he's semi-retired but still strongly associated with WWE he seems an easy choice for a headliner

The British Bulldogs: Now that Dynamite has died there's nothing stopping WWE from putting them in and with them pushing UK wrestling they seem an obvious choice

Jim Cornette: After he was brought back into the fold last year and showed that despite his dislike of the current product he was still willing to work with WWE, he seems a slam dunk nominee plus his speech will be amazing

King Kong Bundy: Now that Hogan is being used by WWE gain, why not induct the guy who he fought at Wrestlemania 2? It gives them an excuse to trot Hogan out for the induction speech.

The Bella Twins: The WWE are pushing womens tag teams, so what better time to induct the only true womens tag team in WWE for the last 20 years, plus it gives them a storyline for Total Divas/Bellas

Celebrity Wing: David Arquette: He's done a few comedy cameos for WWE in the past year and is clearly on good terms, plus he is well liked in the industry

I'd like to hear your thoughts & predictions for the upcoming Hall Of Fame Class

I really, really don't care about the Hall of Fame, to be honest.  Now that we've run through most of the worthwhile candidates it's just a game of "Why is this person in this particular year?" and trying to guess Vince's whims.  

Your picks seem fine, but there's no chance of the Bulldogs going in.  They didn't even acknowledge Dynamite's death and you think he's getting into the Hall of Fame?  Davey Boy, maybe.