Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – August 22nd, 1992



– Last week on SMW TV, we got a detailed recap of all the big happenings at Fire on the Mountain, including Brian Lee being attacked by a mysterious man that looked like a Genie. The only new content from last week featured Tim Horner issuing a challenge for the SMW Heavyweight Title, and the Dirty White Boy successfully defending the title against Dixie Dy-No-Mite, with a little bit of help from the dastardly Killer Kyle.

– Taped from the Avery County High School in Newland, NC, with Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell calling the action, unless otherwise noted. We have information on a “disturbing situation” involving “Primetime” Brian Lee, Tim Horner and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are going to be in action, we’ll have an update on Jim Cornette trying to secure a rematch for the Tag Team Titles, and in the Main Event, Ronnie Garvin battles Paul Orndorff. This week on “Down and Dirty with Dutch” will be the Dirty White Boy and MR. Ron Wright, and since he’s got Olympic Fever, Dutch will be scoring all the matches tonight.


– White Lightnin’ Tim Horner vs. Mike Sampson:
Even though the man’s robe clearly spells out “$amson”, the man in charge of post-production decided to add a “p” in there, so who am I to question it? Last week, Tim Horner issued a challenge to the Dirty White Boy, promising not to win, but to give it his best if he were granted the opportunity. It’s been over a year since we’ve covered SMW, but I must point out Horner’s wussy entrance music, Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls.” It’s a fine little country ditty but doesn’t fit a wrestling show. Horner has one of his foam lightning bolts in hand. I’d buy one if I could time travel to 1992 Morristown, TN. Lockup and Horner with a rolling cradle. Dutch disputes Horner’s challenge, saying he hasn’t done anything to deserve it. Sampson with a drop toe hold into a headlock, but Horner quickly counters with an arm-bar. Horner springs off the top rope and takes Sampson over into a cover for two. Dutch scores it a “2.3” after Caudle incorrectly reads it as “23.” Crisscross and Horner with a dropkick. Sampson with a hip toss, but he misses the elbow drop. Sampson with a slam for two. Whip to the ropes and he knocks Horner into the ropes with an elbow. Horner blocks a suplex and counters with his own. Whip and an elbow followed by a snap suplex. Dutch decides to start using the Gordon Solie pronunciation of “suplex” for some reason (soo-play instead of soo-plex). Horner escapes a slam attempt and finishes the Natural Bridge (O’Connor Roll) at 4:11. Decent squash from Horner, giving Sampson a little shine without giving him too much.


– Highlights of Tim Horner appearing at a charity event for Muscular Dystrophy, doing the job in an arm-wrestling match after outside interference.


– Bob Caudle is standing by with Tim Horner. He reiterates that he wants a chance at the SMW Heavyweight Title. He can’t get ahold of the Dirty White Boy because he doesn’t have a phone, and Ron Wright is ignoring him, too. He’s here to represent the Smoky Mountain region and can represent them proudly. Bob Armstrong comes into the picture, holding a “Wanted” poster for Brian Lee that reads, “$10,000 in cash will be paid to the man who injures Brian Lee to the extent that he is unable to continue to compete in SMW. This offer is valid until the deed is done.” Brian Lee comes into the picture next. He tells everyone that if they want some of “Primetime”, they know where to find him, because he’s not hard to find.


– Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are standing by to further add to the challenge for an immediate rematch. Cornette’s done something he hasn’t in a long time and asked momma for some cash. She’s offered to give him $10,000 to put on the line for the Fantastics to give the Heavenly Bodies their rematch. The Fantastics retort, turning the offer down, and would rather make them sweat it out from waiting rather than taking the cash. Bobby says they’re so desperate, they’ll probably offer more money.


– “Nitro” Danny Davis & Tommy Angel vs. The Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette):
Who no-showed the tapings, forcing Davis into teaming with Tommy Angel? Stan Lane is still wearing the head-gear to explain an injury caused by a bad haircut. Angel starts with Lane. Lockup into the corner and a clean break. Wait, ANGEL CUT HIS MULLET! NOOOOO! Angel messes with the head-gear and surprises Lane with a roll-up for two. Angel continues to be a house of fire until getting caught with his head down and taken down with a swinging neck breaker (Dutch calls it a 9.8). Prichard misses an elbow, allowing Davis to tag in. They trade strikes in the corner, with Davis getting the best of things. Prichard rakes the eyes to cut him off and the Bodies hit him with a side slam and elbow drop combo. Whip and Davis with a sunset flip on Lane for two. Angel tags back in, laying into both Bodies with rights. They quickly recover for a double-team clothesline and chop block, and finish with the Meteor Shower (back drop into a slam) at 3:38. Weird to see Angel treated as more of a star than Davis as far as being competitive.


– Phil Raney hypes SMW coming to Beckley, WV on September 6th: The Batten Twins are in action, Paul Orndorff meets Ronnie Garvin with TWO REFEREES, Brian Lee, Tim Horner, and Dixie Dy-No-Mite face the Heavenly Bodies and Killer Kyle, and in a Stretcher Match, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express take on Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden.


– Bob Caudle is standing by with “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell and Paul Lee. I’m honestly surprised Landell is on TV at this point. Landell says he’s going to take Paul Lee under his wing. I won’t be surprised if this is dropped immediately. Landell says he’s going to use him, wait, he means put his talent to use and kick the Rock n’ Roll Express. Kick what? KICK WHAT?!?!


– The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. Buddy Landell & Paul Lee:
Paul Lee looks like a low-rent version of Landell, but this is another odd choice for tag teams, using an established name (and in Landell’s case, a pushed talent) to team with an enhancement geek to put people over. The WWF did that stuff with the likes of a Koko B. Ware, but Landell has been featured prominently for several months. Gibson and Landell lockup into the corner. Landell unloads with body blows. Whip to the corner and Gibson with a hip toss, followed by a flying head-scissors. Whip to the ropes and Morton comes in with a Franken-Steiner for two. Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden join the commentary team to run down the RnR Express. Lee tags in and wastes no time doing the flip in the corner. Landell short-arms Lee as the Express make quick tags, working over the leg. They hit Landell with a pair of rights and finish Lee with the double dropkick at 2:51. Landell chastises Lee afterwards in a classic douche move.


– Order the Volunteer Slam for only $15.00 (plus $2.00 S&H), available from Jim Cornette and/or Brian Hildebrand’s garage.


– “Down & Dirty with Dutch” with special guests, Mr. Ron Wright and the SMW Heavyweight Champion, the Dirty White Boy. Wright talks about having to get out of his hospital bed to make sure nobody robs him of his belt. He’s finally off the generics and they almost have enough money in the bank for the hip replacement surgery. He’ll be back on his feet soon and able to kick someone’s head off. He still carries his heart monitor, just in case. White Boy says the future holds nothing but greatness for himself and Mr. Wright’s way. He’s not going to be like Brian Lee and duck people, he’ll be a fighting Champion that will go against the likes of Ron Garvin, Paul Orndorff, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, The Heavenly Bodies, and the Fantastics. The bottom line is he’ll always walk out the SMW Heavyweight Champion. What about Tim Horner? White Boy says he hasn’t proven anything to deserve a title shot. Did he not see him perform “Shameless”?


– “Primetime” Brian Lee vs. Robbie Eagle:
Lee is still not getting the big reactions that a top babyface should be getting. Eagle attacks him from behind with weak strikes. Lee quickly takes control with a slam, hip toss, and dropkick. Lee with a snap mare and boot to the back. Whip to the ropes and he catches Eagle with a belly-to-belly suplex. He plants Eagle with a slam and drops an elbow across the chest. Eagle makes in ill-advised trip to the top rope, gets slammed down, and the Cancelation finishes at 1:39. Post-match, THE MYSTERIOUS GENIE (enough mystery, he’s listed as “The Mongolian Mauler”) attacks Lee, coming off the ropes with a leg drop and splash. He staggers around, leaving ringside, as Tim Horner and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express come in to make the save.


– Ronnie Garvin vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff:
Considering we got a non-finish in a PILEDRIVER MATCH between these two at “Fire on the Mountain”, I doubt we’re getting a clean finish on this show. Lockup into the ropes and Orndorff complains about hair-pulling. Garvin comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle and grabs a side headlock. Orndorff forces a break in the corner and, after a tease of a clean break, decks Garvin with a left jab. Orndorff literally kicks the man while he’s down in the corner. Snap mare and Orndorff comes off the ropes with an elbow across the throat. Hildebrand blocks Orndorff from throwing a punch, allowing Garvin to counter and send him repeatedly into the turnbuckle. Garvin with a big chop and a rolling cradle for two. Whip to the ropes and a collision in the middle has both men hit the canvas. Garvin teases a piledriver but Orndorff counters with a back-drop. Garvin counters that with a sunset flip for two. Orndorff quickly regains control and calls for the piledriver. Garvin holds onto the ropes to block and back-drops Orndorff into the turnbuckles. Garvin with a series of headbutts and a sleeper. Garvin lets the hold go and covers, but Orndorff gets a foot on the ropes (poor camera work misses it). Garvin keeps going for the cover, but Orndorff keeps finding ways to break the count at two. Garvin with a back-slide for two. Orndorff rakes the eyes to cut Garvin off. Whip to the ropes, Garvin ducks a clothesline and nails Orndorff with a right-hand (allegedly made of stone). Garvin teases the piledriver, but Hildebrand saves Orndorff, upsetting Garvin. He goes for Plan B, THE GARVIN STOMP. Orndorff with a questionably low-blow (headbutt to the groin). Orndorff hits Garvin with a knee to the head like a guided missile. He scoops Garvin up for a back breaker and covers for two. Orndorff with a blatant choke-hold. He rams Garvin into the turnbuckle and connects with a running knee lift. Orndorff calls for the piledriver, and this time Hildebrand saves Garvin. Orndorff doesn’t take kindly to the act, shoving Hildebrand on his butt. Garvin from behind with a school-boy, but instead of counting, Hildebrand calls for the DQ at 12:16. That was expected. Good, old fashioned wrestling, with the expected non-finish. **3/4


– Phil Raney hypes the September 6th card in Beckley, WV.


– Bob Caudle is standing by with Ronnie Garvin. He says things are getting out of hand. He talks about SMW calling him up as the man people wanted to help Brian Lee. He thought it was going to be for one night, but Paul Orndorff stepped on his toes and insulted his ego, and he’s not through with him yet.


– Next Week: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden!


Final Thoughts: More hype for the current angles. The Fantastics turning down Jim Cornette’s offer of $10,000 for an immediate rematch is destined for higher stakes next week. The Dirty White Boy finally addressed Tim Horner’s challenge, insisting he hasn’t earned the opportunity. The mysterious Mongolian Mauler made his first appearance since Fire on the Mountain, assaulting Brian Lee to further the bounty over Lee’s head storyline. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express’ feud with the Stud Stable is far from over, as well as the bad blood between Paul Orndorff and Ronnie Garvin.