Honky Tonk Man in WCW

Eric Bischoff has gone out of his way to say how much he hated Honky Tonk Man in WCW.  If that's the case then why did they hire him in the first place?

Why did they book him on every TV show beating jobbers, and then push him into 3 straight TV Title matches?

Why bring him in only to job at Starrcade 94 then?  Since Arn subbed at the PPV and won the title 2 weeks later, was that Arn's reward, or would Honky have won it if he had just done what was asked and not quit at Starrcade?

Honky definitely wasn't winning, because in the Observer Flashback I just did, they had taped stuff with Badd as TV champion after Starrcade and were moving him in a different direction.  Honky was basically brought in for Hogan, until Eric couldn't deal with him anymore and pulled the plug.  And considering the kind of shit that everyone else got away with for years thanks to Hogan, you have to be pretty annoying to pull that off.