Alternate Universe

So since there is an infinite number of alternate universes, where every possibility is played out, this one surely has to exist. 

In this one, Bret lays down for Shawn and then goes on hiatus but doesn’t sign with WCW. Everything else plays out as it did here. Shawn gets hurt and puts Austin over. McMahon and Austin feud. So on and so forth.

But at Survivor Series, Bret returns to a hero’s welcome and throws his name into the tournament. Then Bret takes the Rock’s place.

Bret would definitely seem to be Vince’s prototypical champion and Bret can play off Austin perfectly. And at Wrestlemania, Austin has to face the one man he’s never beaten.

Seems pretty good to me. What say you?

Sadly, I think we're in the alternate universe where there's no alternate universes.