Favorite Rumble Tropes

Hey Scott,

Over the years, we've amassed some reliable Rumble tropes. Some better than others. But was curious what your favorites were:

Favorite coast-to-coast performance?'

Flair in 92 is still the gold standard.  

Favorite monster who clears the ring?

Not technically a monster but any time Steve Austin came in and unleashed hell with stunners it was pretty awesome.  

Favorite celebrity guest?

I think Drew Carey trying to bribe Kane is hard to beat.  

Favorite comedy spot?

CM Punk giving a sermon during his entire run in 2010 match.  

Favorite returning superstar?

John Cena at #30.  They'll never top that one. 

Favorite ending sequence?

Shawn Michaels and Undertaker in 2007.  

Favorite final four?
92, specifically the final three of Flair, Sid, and Hogan.  Talk about star power!