Early NWO stuff

Hi Scott, a few questions regarding 96/97 NWO:

1 IF Shawn came to WCW, would he have SURELY joined the NWO to join up with his Kliq boys? I mean Shawn & Hogan co-existing…?

He was openly telling people that he wanted it to happen.  I think he would have literally overdosed and died in that environment, though.  Plus the chances of getting out of his long term Titan contract were zero.  Maybe even negative numbers.

2 what was the purpose of DiBiase after Bischoff joined?

Nothing, which is why he left.

3 there were tons of rumours all the time about Mabel, Bret, Tatanka, Bigelow coming in and joining the NWO. Who would have been a good fit?

None of those guys, that’s for sure.

4 did the infamous Saggs/Hall shoot at a house show cause (more) friction between Hogan (tight with the Nasties) and Hall/Nash? In the summer there was that Nitro where Hogan was missing (filming a movie iirc) and Nash fired shots at him at the announce booth…how could these manipulative egomaniacs coexist anyway?

Long as the money kept flowing, they were fine.